Snorkeling and Other Activities to Enjoy the Beauty of Garrafon Park


Vacation is perfect moment to relax and enjoy your life. After working hard for days and nights, you deserve to have your own reward and vacation is good way to get it. There are many nice destinations that you can find and Isla Mujeres is one of them. It is famous location in Cancun, Mexico. One of the best spots in Isla Mujeres is the Garrafon Park. This is special park where you can enjoy the beauty of Caribbean Sea. You will not be disappointed with the results since it is like hidden treasure of the Isla Mujeres. There are many activities that you can do in order to explore and enjoy the beauty of the hidden treasure. You can try all of the activities and surely you will be satisfied.

Snorkel Tour Isla Mujeres is one of them. This is nice tour where you are going to explore the Caribbean Sea of the Garrafon Park. It is not just regular exploration since you will see is the marine lives under the water. The Garrafon Park has reefs and these become the natural habitat and ecosystem for various corals and fish. You will be able to see them by snorkeling. The park has provided you with the snorkeling and it has included all of the equipments. It means that you only need to focus enjoying your snorkeling tour. The team has provided you with all of the tools and you will be assisted to use and wear them. There are also vests dedicated for those who are not able to swim well so they are still able to explore and snorkel around the Garrafon Park.

Snorkel in Isla Mujeres allows you to see the marine lives under the water. When you want to explore the water surface, you can row kayak. There are kayaks provided by the park. The kayak is designed for two people and it is good for couple. When snorkeling requires you to swim and even dive well, kayaking requires you to maintain balance and row well with your own power. You need to use paddle to move and maintain the balance at the same time. It may be quite challenging at first, but it will give you satisfaction once you are able to row well with the kayak. You can see the beautiful sea from the kayak and it is nice tour and exploration.

Next way to explore the Garrafon Park is by using the zip line. This can be considered as extreme sport since the zip lines are installed up to 30 meters above the water surface. It allows you to cross the Caribbean Sea and see the waves from height. With the zip line, you are able to move between two cliffs and it is like a flying experience. The height and view of the sea will give you enough adrenaline. In addition, you can take some nice pictures during your movement on the zip line. This is nice option in case you love challenges and you want to do something extreme. Of course, it is totally safe since the zip lines and other equipments are checked properly by the team of the Garrafon Park.



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