How to Pack Light to Avoid Stress on Your Next Holiday Getaway

Pack Light to Avoid Stress on Your Next Holiday Getaway

Taking a vacation should be one of the least stressful things you will ever have to do. It is supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, too many people these days get bogged down with the details and end up going on vacation that requires more work than their actual job. I love to travel but I hate to feel like I am rushed or weighed down, so for me, it is important that I do all the planning in advance to make things easier on myself. Once I arrive where I am headed, I submit to universe and let myself go with the flow. I try to be much less strict about things that stress me out in my daily life while still keeping a few routines that help me to feel good about whatever I am doing with my day. Like most people, the most stressful part for me is the actual getting to and from places. I often feel unsure of my surroundings and need to be able to move about and navigate freely whether it is going from my plane to my hotel, or from a museum I was visiting to dinner for the eveaffordabletravelplan.comning. That is why it is so important for me to be able to pack light but also have everything I need. This can be a tricky task, but with a few tips and tricks I am sure you can make it work.

Do Inventory First

Step one is to make a big pile shoes, clothing, and accessories that you want to bring with you. Understand that this is just a starter pile and will be whittled down as you go through. I would recommend immediately removing all accessories from the pile. Keep a pair of sunglasses, a long necklace, a short necklace, and one extra pair of earrings, everything else can go back where it belongs in your home. Next step is to choose two pairs of shoes. One pair should be comfortable sneaker like shoes that you can wear to walk around in all day. The second pair of shoes can be a little dressier if you have somewhere to wear them, otherwise the second pair of shoes should be sandals or flipflops to let your feet breathe a little. After you have taken out that stuff, go through the clothes you have and choose one of everything you need. One pajama outfit, one dinner outfit, one hanging out or exploring outfit, and if needed add one beach outfit. This should be enough to start you off. Now it is time to go shopping.

Shop for Versatile Pieces

Everyone loves a new outfit or two for their vacation. I like to check out the deals at places like Rue 21 so that I can keep it under budget. I find the best way to keep things under to control but still let myself do a little shopping, is to decide on two items I am looking for before I shop. These items should be able to be paired with the clothes I am already bringing to create one or two back up pieces. Packing light and having everything you need can really be as simple as that.



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