Best items for the beach in 2019


Are you going to a destination with a beach? This time we present the items for the beach that you should never miss in order to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

  1. The right clothes and footwear

First of all, the best thing is that all the clothes you bring to the beach are light, since there will probably be plenty of heat.

Shorts, cotton t-shirts, sandals, comfortable and fresh dresses, are items for the beach that you should never miss in your luggage. And do not forget to plan what you are going to put on each day, according to the activities you are going to do. So you can have more space in your suitcase, not wearing unnecessary clothes.

On the sandals, the ideal will be that you choose some that are special for the beach. This means that they can get wet without being damaged and with which you can walk comfortably on the sand.

Therefore, do not forget the swimsuit. It is essential if you are going to relax, sunbathe by the sea, or if you are going to go any of the tours available in Cancun and the Riviera Maya . At night, it could be a bit cold, so it would not hurt to wear a light sweater.

  1. Protection against the sun

Because you will travel a long time under the sun, it will be necessary that you do not forget the sunscreen to avoid sunstroke. If you want to, you can also take some cream or aloe Vera gel with you to keep your skin hydrated.

In addition to sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses can help you. As a result of fashion, these will make you look fashionable. They are also the main articles for the beaches that should be inside your luggage. Of course, you must take care that sunglasses have a certain degree of protection against UV rays.

  1. Personal care items

Also, there are three essential items for the beach that you should have with you:

  • Deodorant, since you will not always be able to easily access a shower
  • Comb or brush, since your hair will get tangled every time you enter the sea and you will not want to walk disheveled.
  • Towel, although you can usually find places to rent them, nothing better than carrying your own.
  1. Items to entertain you

Take something to entertain you, be it a book, a game of the month, or even the tablet or a smartphone. On the other hand, for nothing in the world to forget your camera, no doubt you will live moments that you will want to capture forever.

  1. A cold drink
    Since you will be under the sun, it is recommended that at least every half hour you drink some liquid as it is very important to keep your body hydrated and avoid a heat stroke. The water is a fundamental elementfor our body and vital to our health.


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