7 Tips to Make Your Campervan Holiday Cost-Effective and Memorable


Campervans are one of the popular travel methods especially for families or individuals who loves road trips and adventures. It’s a great way to get out and take in the beauty of every country you visit. However, it can become quite expensive without some cost saving tips in mind.

If you haven’t been on a campervan trip, don’t you think it’s time for you to tick it off your bucket list once and for all? Here are some tips you can follow to make your campervan holiday cost-effective and memorable:

  1. Consider a Campervan Hire instead of Buying a New Campervan

If you don’t have enough budget to buy a campervan or you’re only travelling for a few days, there are actually a lot of campervan rentals where you could only spend a fraction of the price of a new one. In the process of renting, you should also consider the size of the van. For instance, if you’re travelling with friends, renting a bigger van would be a better choice so that everyone will have enough space to sleep. This could also help you prevent checking into a hotel which could add to your expenses.

  1. Be Sure Not to Over-pack

It’s also important to travel lightly. Packing a lot of things could take up the much needed space. Ditch the things you don’t actually need and prioritize the most important ones. Moreover, over packing could also add to the weight of the cargo which could use up more petrol.

  1. Avoid Peak Season Travels

Rents, food, and fees are usually much more expensive during peak seasons. Campers take advantage of the warm weather of summer so it’s best not to travel during that time if you’re looking to save money on your campervan holiday.

  1. Travel with Someone You Like

Going on a trip with your friends can be one of the most memorable experience you can create. Having someone on board who always disagrees with you or anyone else on the van could create a toxic atmosphere which could make your trip less enjoyable. So the next time you plan a trip, you might want toinvite the people closest to your heart only.

  1. Plan Your Menu

When travelling on a campervan, you will be more or less be travelling on barren roads or forests where restaurants aren’t really popular or if you do find one, chances are, the food will be a lot more expensive than normal. Having a meal plan set in place or a ready to eat packed meal can help you avoid the hassle of looking for a diner whenever you feel hungry. There are also parks and camp sites where you can have a barbecue with your friends or family.

Whether you’re travelling on the country you grew up in or driving around another country, having some money-saving tips can help you prevent spending more than what it’s actually worth. Now that you’re well equipped with some campervan travel tips, with a little more research and planning, you’re now ready to hit the road and make the best out of your campervan experience.




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