Where to Enjoy Wild Westerns


Cowboys and Indians are the foundation of the ‘Wild West’ movie genre. Set in the early American Frontier, these movies are rough and ready, and speak to a bygone era in US history.

A western wouldn’t be a western without a suspenseful ‘shoot ‘em up’ scene. Usually staged from the town saloon, and spilling into the main street of an outback town, two rivals will pull shotguns in front of onlookers in a bid to settle a score.

The most famous western actor is John Wayne, followed by Clint Eastwood in more recent flicks. Being an American film genre, few non-American actors can claim a rise to fame through Western movies.

Horses make a big feature in western movies. Cowboys spend much time galloping across wild, cactus ridden desert on their trusty steeds. Many western films feature stunt riders, as actors generally don’t have the horse riding skills necessary to undertake the trick riding needed within some scenes.

Other prominent characters in western films are Native Americans. Usually the plot involves the cavalry fighting the Native Americans, reflective of true American history. Watching a western is an education in the early, wild days of America where justice generally came by way of a rifle.

Though westerns began in the 1930s, they later evolved into several sub genres including low-budget ‘spaghetti westerns’, which were filmed in countries like Spain (rather than America) and staring American actors.

Another example of a western spin-off is ‘martial arts western’. For example, Shangai Moon staring Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan. These movies blur the lines of a traditional western and bring in elements of comedy and martial arts, engaging a wide variety of audiences.

Though traditionally, westerns have been more popular among men30 years and over who also like watching action and adventure movies. There are very few new release westerns, but a huge catalogue of past movies from across the eras available to choose from.

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