What Should I Look For When Planning a Scuba Diving Holiday?


Scuba diving holidays are always jam-packed full of fun as long as you book your adventure with a safe and reputable tour guide. You also need to choose a destination where you are going to see a variety of sea life. That means heading to warm climates where visibility is generally quite clear and the tropical waters are teeming with coral, plant life, and fish.


You certainly wouldn’t plan a scuba diving holiday in Europe if you wanted to guarantee that you would see a variety of sea life. Although Europe has scuba diving, the marine life is minimal and most people dive in this continent for shipwrecks and challenged that only experienced divers can really partake in. The Mediterranean is not bad for diving as there is a good mix of shipwreck, cave, and treasure hunt dives, but if you really want that tropical experience, then there are better places.


Arguably the best diving destination in the world is Australia. The diversity is just breathtaking here. You have the Great Barrier Reef, crystal blue waters, and plenty of wildlife. You don’t have to just go out on scuba diving trips either.

One very popular activity in Australia is Great White Shark cage diving. This has become very popular and the conservationists that run these operations are eco-certified and care for the sharks while also giving you a glimpse of the shark’s natural habitat.

Obviously, the Great Barrier Reef is another popular diving destination, but if you do book a trip here, make sure you are going with a responsible team that understands the threats the Great Barrier Reef is currently under. The idea here is to respect the ocean and its wildlife in the reef because it is under threat at the moment.

You can also partake in shipwreck diving in Australia where you will see reminiscent of ships from the World War II.

South-East Asia

South-East Asia can be hit and miss, and this is speaking from experience. The best places to dive here are not in Thailand as many would have you believe. Although, the Similian Islands that are off the West coast of Thailand does have the best diving in the region. That’s about it for Thailand, to be honest. Other islands where you will amazing dive spots include Subu in the Philippines and Bali in Indonesia.


The Caribbean is on par with Australia when it comes to diving when it comes to sea life and visibility. There are tons of fish, turtles, manta rays, and sharks to see in the Caribbean, but what really makes this part of the world stand out is its shipwreck diving. Forget World War II, here you will see ships dating as far back as the days when pirates owned the waves hunting down Dutch and Spanish vessels in the region.

This is why we like the Caribbean to be honest. You get a decent mix of everything here. In between dives, you also have the amazing Caribbean way of life to experience, which is amazing in itself.

Out of the four destinations mentioned here, Europe is the least attractive unless you are a specialist diver and you are looking for something completely different from the other three destinations here. As for the other three, they are hard to set apart. Certainly Australia and the Caribbean are the best for sharks, but if you can fit them all in during a lifetime, then we would highly recommend it.



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