Want To Spend A Relaxing Day? Visit Kappil Beach In Bekal


Vacationing in Kerala is something every city-dweller has on their bucket list, to escape from the harsh and rushed realities of life into a calm, green haven surrounded by natural beauty and fresh air. Everything about the state, from its delectable cuisine, to the best 5 star hotels in Kerala make it an excellent choice for a much-needed getaway.

Perhaps the most alluring locations of Kerala are its mesmerising beaches where you can spend hours just basking in the sun and enjoying the scenic beauty. The state is blessed with ample beaches along its coastline, but one that truly stands out due to its tranquil and stunning nature is Kappil Beach. Kappil Beach is situated about 15 km south of the Kasaragod railway station, and 6 km away from Bekal fort.

It is also connected to the Varkala beach on the north by a narrow pathway. It is frequented by tourists who are moving around the serene backwaters, as well as those who would like to enjoy a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. There is a nearby cliff, the Kodi cliff, that facilitates this and makes for a visual delight on viewing the landscape, enclosed in the arms of nature. The cliff is a spot often coveted by trekkers who want to see the entire beach.

The reasons for it being a popular beach-backwater destination are the golden sands, thick groves of casuarina trees, azure skies and the shimmering waters of the mighty Arabian Sea. Another reason would be the absolutely stunning sunsets that captivate visitors with ethereal colours. There are a number of activities you can engage in, or you can simply enjoy a stroll along the beach or a walk from the beach to the cliff. The beach is an excellent place to spend a day relaxing, after lots of sightseeing so that you are rejuvenated. It is also a great location for enjoying some quality time with your family, or hosting a picnic.

One of the most enjoyable things to do would be to ride through the backwaters on a boat. Boat riding is one of the most anticipated activities in the beach and you will find many mini-sized and medium ferryboats that bring along many passengers. The atmosphere is so peaceful, and the world around you will be a treat for the eyes and a welcome sight for sore eyes that are accustomed to concrete jungles.

You can also find a shrine dedicated to the Goddess Bhagvathy, called Palakkunnu Temple, which also houses other deities such as Dhandan Deva, Saraswati, Durga, Vishnumoorthi and Ghantakarna. The Thenmala Eco-tourism and Vizhinjam harbour are other interesting tourist spots situated near the beach. There are also local shops that you can explore around the beach. If you are interested in shopping, you will be delighted to find shops that sell local clothing and accessories, as well as food shacks that cater to your hunger with refreshing local flavours.

The best time to plan a visit here would be between the months of October and March to avoid heavy rainfall. Look for the best Kerala Hotel Deals so that you can have a comfortable stay in a good hotel, at a reasonable price since this is the tourism season and most hotels are bound to be booked. The enchanting beauty and exuberance of Kerala await you, and so do not think twice about deciding to spend your vacation in ‘God’s own country’.



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