Travelling during the pandemic? – Here’s what you should know


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Air Travel

The Indian government has allowed domestic airlines to resume operations across the country from 25th May, 59 days after they were grounded to curtail the spread of Covid-19. The bookings that are been made right now are mostly by people who are desperate to reach somewhere as they are stuck in certain cities because of the extended lockdowns that were established. But experts say that as life limps back to normal with offices & other institutions starting, flying might be the safest mode of long-distance travel.

The government has also released mandatory guidelines for air travel including thermal screening before entering airport terminals, use of face masks during the entire journey and displaying “green” status on the Aarogya Setu app. Passengers are also advised to do the web check-in from their homes beforehand and also get the boarding pass printed before arriving at the airport.

Travel without the fear of being prone to any illness, since everything throughout your trip will be well monitored and guarantee a safer travel experience. Stay in check and assured with the MySafety feature knowing that you are travelling under complete safety and precaution and that every possible measure is undertaken to maintain hygienic conditions and cleanliness at all times.

These measures have been taken to ensure that passengers can book domestic flights online and travel safe while following the precautions to keep themselves as well as the fellow passengers protected & stop the spread of novel coronavirus.

New Guidelines for Air Travel

  1. Passengers are requested to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  2. Passengers are required to do a web check-in at home and print out the boarding pass beforehand. They are also advised to download and print all the baggage/identification tags that will have to be attached to the luggage later.
  3. All passengers will have to wear protective gears such as masks, gloves etc at all times.
  4. ‘Aarogya Setu’ App is mandatory for all passengers and it will be verified by the CISF/Airport staff at the entry gate. However, this app is not compulsory for children below the age of 14 years.
  5. Thermal screening of all passengers is a must before entering the terminal building. Several thermal screening stations have also been set up across the whole airport building.
  6. Trolleys can not be used at the airport departure or arrival areas without  genuine and compelling reasons.
  7. Hand sanitisers will be provided by airport operators for passengers and airport staff at various locations of the airport.
  8. All F&B and retail outlets will be open at the airports but take-aways are being enouraged.

Train Travel

Covid-19 is changing the way we travel, not just by air, but by trains too. Indian railways which is among the world’s largest rail networks has been back to life from May 12 after being suspended for almost 50 days since March 22 midnight due the pandemic lockdown, leaving lakhs of people stranded as road, rail and air services remained suspended.

The railway ticket bookings can be done online from the IRCTC or any other travel portals through the website or apps, but no provision of tatkal and premium tatkal accommodation will be there and no current booking shall be allowed either.

New Guidelines for Train Travel

  1. Only passengers with confirmed e-tickets will be permitted to enter the premises of the railway stations.
  2. Passengers will have to arrive at the departure railway station at least 90 minutes before the departure time of the train.
  3. Passengers will be given hand sanitizers at all entry and exit points as well as on the train.
  4. All the passengers will have to wear face covers, gloves in the railway station premises and also during train travel.
  5. Trains will not be equipped with linen, blankets or curtains during this time. No stalls or booths on station platforms will be allowed to open. Passengers can either bring their own food from home or buy ready-to-eat meals from the IRCTC.
  6. On arrival at their destination stations, the passengers will have to adhere to all the health protocols as prescribed by the destination states and union territories.
  7. It is mandatory for train passengers to download the Aarogya Setu mobile app on their phones and display the “green” status.
  8. Tatkal, Premium Tatkal, Unreserved Tickets (UTS) and current bookings have been suspended. Passengers can cancel the tickets 24 hours before the train’s time of departure. However, they will be charged 50 percent of the total fare as cancellation charges.

Hence, over the last 3 months MakeMyTrip has worked with their partners to enhance the overall travel hygiene and prepare for the new normal as the number of Covid-19 cases peaks in India. If you are someone that’s planning to travel in the near future, book MySafety certified stays, cabs and buses on the MakeMyTrip app. The MySafety feature comes with the guarantee of sanitized environment, trained staff, regular sanitization drives and other safe practices all at your fingertips. With this feature, you can be assured of a safer & more hygienic travel experience.



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