Travelling advices and recommendations to Morocco


Morocco is a country located north of the African continent and borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Its official languages ​​are Arabic and Berber. It also has other languages ​​such as: Dariya, Riffian, Tamazight, Tashelhit, French and Spanish.
This place offers a wide range of options to know what you should keep in mind what to wear. Travel to Morocco can represent for you an opportunity to get to know it better, to know new cultures and to live new experiences.

Preparing your trip to Morocco

If Morocco is a destination that you are trying to travel for the first time, you should know some indications about the place. It is not an easy country, but it is not difficult to walk either.

The important thing is that you know that each aspect must be evaluated and known perfectly. Here are some important issues to consider:

Food and drink

Let’s start with water. It is customary to drink from the taps. My recommendation is that you do not buy mineral water. Soft drinks have a particularity: they are not manufactured in the same way for Morocco. Observe the color before buying and avoid strong stomach problems. As for food, if you are not a lover of fruits and vegetables, because in Morocco you will begin to be one. Also the street food tents are delicious. You can experiment cautiously and in small portions.

Moroccan Currency

The official currency of Morocco is Dirham and its ratio is 11 Dirham for each euro. You can make currency exchanges at the exchange houses. There are also banks and coin houses, even in the hotels where you stay. If you wish, you can make payments in euros.


This modality is rooted in Moroccan culture. For this action it is essential when making a purchase. In that sense, you are obliged to do so for more pain or shame. You should think that it is a mandatory game in all the purchases you make.

Alcoholic drinks in Morocco

Alcoholic beverages represent a very complicated issue in this town. Remember that Muslim culture says not to drink that kind of drink. Even the restaurants in the region do not serve unless you are a tourist.

It is important to highlight the cost of this service due to taxes paid. That’s why I recommend that you drink your drink from the hotel and enjoy it in a healthy way during your travels.

Meet the Moroccan Culture

A trip to Morocco begins with the decision to see a place as spectacular as this. Then you should seek the services of travel agencies in Morocco that will help you with the preparation of your trip to Morocco.

Finally, you just have to know one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world. I would like to emphasize that there are tour operators in Morocco specialized in exclusive trips to Morocco, which generates greater confidence in the traveler.

Knowing the culture of Morocco is a great help during the trip.

I recommend that you learn some words or carry a dictionary with you to facilitate communication. You should know that Arabic – Moroccan can speak other languages ​​such as French and in less intensity Spanish. This is done with the intention of empathizing with the tourist who must return with basic greetings in their language.

On the other hand, Moroccan handicraft is very popular in the world and of which its inhabitants feel very proud. They work in ceramics, basketry, embroidery, jewelry and the famous leather work.

The ideal luggage for traveling to Morocco

Morocco is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the Arab world. This is due to the diversity of options offered to its visitors. One of the things you should keep in mind when traveling to Morocco is time. In that sense, plan the time of your trip well and depending on the clothes that come into play.

Morocco offers a great variety of moments that you can immortalize in a chamber. That is why one of the objects that you must load is a camera. If you wish to direct in this country, you necessarily need a driver’s license, without it being impossible for you to do so. To get money, a credit card will be your best ally, avoid census trips to the bank.



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