Top cities to visit in Italy: a short guide of the “Belpaese”


You are planning to visit Italy soon, but don’t know yet which cities to visit? This article will guide you through the best cities of Italy! This country offers landscapes and attractions for every taste, so here are some suggestions for the perfect trip to the most amazing locations in Italy.

First time in Italy? Visit Rome

If you have never been to Italy before, Rome is the city you cannot miss, of course! For more than 3000 years, its “ruins” have remained visible: Rome’s history and architecture make the city one of a kind. Rome is a place so special that to truly experience all that it has to offer, there’s no better option than booking private tours of this stunning capital, such as the tours offered by, which also plan tours in many other Italian cities – Naples, Venice, Florence…

You may never be able to unveil each of Rome’s secrets in just one lifetime but you can start your journey by visiting this stunning destination for some days or a week, an experience you’ll remember forever.

Not a fan of traffic? Maybe try Venice

Venice is a unique place in the world: its canals and architecture make it one of the most visited cities in Italy. Full of remarkable attractions, Venice is also the most romantic city in the world: try taking a traditional gondola ride with your partner and you’ll find out why…One of the many unmissable events that take place in Venice – apart from the Biennale – is the Carnival, overflowing with handmade masks and breathtaking fireworks displays. However, even outside those festivities, you’ll be more than surprised by what this magical city has to offer all year round.

Heading South? Naples is the right place

If you are a fan of warm weather, the sea, pizza and nice, chatty people, Naples is the right place for you! The food will leave you speechless (even if in Italy it is quite frequent!), with all the “pizzerie”, fried fish and “babà” (a typical dessert filled with cream and rum). Food isn’t everything, though, and Naples will surprise you with its architecture and monuments: the Maschio angioino, Royal Palace, Catacombs and then Pompeii and Ercolano, destroyed by a Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD. If you want to relax on stunning beaches, don’t forget to book a tour of the famous islands: Capri, Ischia and Ponza.

Italy is famous for its incredible history and culture, so you can be sure that whichever city you will choose, you will be amazed and will remember your trip for a very long time.



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