The 10 commandments to travel by bus in Mexico


Unexpected events are what usually make an unforgettable trip. However, these are also the ones that can potentially ruin it completely. Here you will find 10 commandments to travel by bus through Mexico making the most of your trip and avoiding as many problems as possible.

  1. You will reserve your tickets online.

Buying bus tickets Mexico can be a bit complicated. Booking in person with the wrong land staff can easily entangle your life if you do not master Spanish. For this reason, reservations online are the solution you must choose. You have a world bus station at your fingertips; why not take advantage of this great possibility?

  1. You will choose the correct bus class according to your needs.

Contrary to what popular belief dictates, buses in Mexico can be quite enjoyable and even exceed initial expectations. To avoid unpleasant surprises, investigate what type of bus fits your needs. There are three kinds of buses in Mexico depending on what you look for in terms of amenities and prices.

Luxury class (or business class)

The business class represents luxury buses. They are equipped with the latest technologies such as individual LCD screens to keep you entertained while traveling. And for trips that want to be always connected there is also an internet connection on board, which is great if you want to take advantage of catching up with friends or family, and even to work during the trip.

It is also the fastest and most efficient way to make the journey as this class of buses make the route without intermediate stops.

First class

As in the business class, the first class offers air conditioning and onboard personnel, toilets and entertainment options. However you will have to sacrifice some space for your legs to save a bit on the price. It is also more likely that they are semi-direct buses that make one or two stops in medium or large cities (semi-direct).

If you are lucky and give your bones with a double-decker bus, try to make room on the top floor to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of Mexico.

Second class

On the other hand, if we forget the air conditioning, legroom is not a problem for you, choose the second class and its friendly prices for all budgets. Keep in mind that the bus can stop anywhere (in the middle of nowhere on a dusty road for example) to pick up or drop off passengers who pick it up in an ordinary way. However, what you can lose in terms of time, you will recover in economic savings.

  1. You will know how to move around bus stations.

Mexico City has 4 main stations, one for each cardinal point (North, South, East or West for those of the ESO as the fireproof Goyo would say)

-Terminal de Autobuses del Sur.
-Terminal de Autobuses del Norte.
-Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros Oriente (TAPO)
-Terminal de Autobuses del Poniente

Each terminal offers different routes for all of Mexico (with some overlays for the busiest) so make sure from which your bus departs.

For any season, delays are quite common. Essential information such as the list of destinations that are operated by each company, the type of services, the schedules of these services and those of the buses can be asked at the counter.

And for certain amenities, do not forget to have some cash on hand since going into the restroom can cost between $ 3 and $ 5. Also keep in mind that, while the stations do not offer wireless internet connection, they do have ATMs of the largest banks operating in the country such as Banamex, Bancomer or HSBC.

Some stations have exclusive rooms for clients with business class tickets. These spaces offer some additional amenities such as television, drinks, coffee and cookies.

  1. You will keep your personal items under your constant supervision. 

    Traveling by bus through Mexico is relatively safe with security personnel touring the bus stations on a regular basis. But, of course, as with everything else, having a little caution is worth it as you would do also in train stations or airports. Being alert about potential pickpockets or baggage thieves is never too much.
  2. You will arrive early. 

    If you arrive late and you miss your bus, they will not give you any refund. So we suggest you arrive at least half an hour in advance to be able to weather possible incidentals and still get on your bus.

This is even more important if you have an Economy Class or First Class ticket that offers baggage check-in. Many companies start billing half an hour before the scheduled time of departure so make sure you get there early to avoid crowds.

  1. You will leave the superfluous at home.

In regard to luggage, different companies have different policies in this regard. The most usual thing is that you are only allowed to check in a suitcase and carry one or two pieces of hand on board, so pack your bags only with what is necessary.

7. You will be attentive and friendly with the driver.

A smile and a thank you can take you very far, especially with someone who will be driving for many hours so you do not have to do it yourself. Besides, who would not want to have someone who knows all the ins and outs of the country on their part?

  1. You will wear something warm to be warm.

A sweater, a jacket or a travel blanket are of course on top of the traveler’s luggage list. No matter how hot it is outside, the buses can be quite cool with the full-air air conditioning.

9. You will keep anti-dizziness pills and toilet paper handy.

Some of us do not get along too well with bumpy roads. Mexican buses travel quite fast and in some routes you can find gusts of wind so you better take something to keep dizziness at bay.

  1. You will bring your own food.

Do not forget to pick up some snacks and a bottle of water. Not only for the time you will be sitting on the bus but also for the stops. Even though many of the bus stations have a small cafeteria and some local shops with some basic ones, the food that you can take can be useful if the offers do not appeal to you too much. Also, you will save money.



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