Souvenir guide: the UK, Ireland, and France


When you’re on the road, it can be difficult to find gifts for your friends and family that you know they’ll love, especially if you want to bring back something practical and helpful rather than another fridge magnet or agenda that they’ll never use. We’ve put up a souvenir guide for Ireland, the United Kingdom, and France, so if you’re planning a trip to any of these countries soon, here are some gift ideas to consider.

Great Britain

As cliché as it may sound, Great Britain is the land of tea, so a box of tea, especially a high-quality one from a specialty store, will be a wonderful present for the tea connoisseurs in your family or circle of friends. Bonus points if it comes in a beautifully decorated tin: such a souvenir will be enjoyed long after the tea itself will be finished.   If you’re not a big tea drinker and aren’t sure what to get, just go with classics: English breakfast tea, green tea, and black tea are all great picks. Plus, if you’re traveling light and only have a backpack or a tiny suitcase with limited space, a souvenir like this won’t take up too much room and will be a nice sign of your affection for your loved ones. Another option would be to bring back some memorabilia from the UK. The UK is not only the home of tea but also of many renowned characters like Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes, as well as real people and bands like the Beatles. Fortunately, there are many museums and studio tours where you can go and buy gifts for those who are fond of any British celebrity, real or not.


The Emerald Isle is known for its remarkable knitwear, so not to bring home a woolen garment or a throw would be a crime. An Aran sweater is the most popular and safe option, especially if you’re lucky enough to visit the Aran Islands, their homeland, but if not, you can find original Irish sweaters at online stores like Tara Irish Clothing. A garment like this combines the exceptional quality of local Merino wool with the symbolism of Celtic stitching, making it a fantastic, meaningful, and practical souvenir to bring home from Ireland. Silver jewelry is another popular souvenir idea influenced by Celtic beliefs and Irish customs. Silver jewelry is far less expensive than other precious metals, and the distinctive traditional elements such as the Celtic knot, the tree of life, and the love knot will make a perfect present for people you love the most. And since the shamrock is the country’s national symbol, shamrock-shaped jewelry, such as pendants, rings, and earrings, is also a good choice.


If you intend on visiting France, the land of romance, delicious food, and high fashion, it will be a breeze to come back with great presents, since the country offers a variety of them. If any of your friends or family members enjoys sparkling wine, a bottle from the Champagne wine region of France is the perfect souvenir to take home from your vacation to France. Curiously, in Europe the name Champagne is legally protected and only the sparkling wines from that particular region can be called like that, since they have a special production technology and are made from three distinctive types of grapes. A bottle of Champagne will cost you at roughly 20 euros, making it an affordable and thoughtful gift for friends or for your own collection. Another souvenir option to consider is French macaroons and chocolate, as there is no other country that produces such delectable sweets as France. La Maison du Chocolat and Ladurée are two of the most popular locations to acquire them, but there are plenty of other smaller stores where you can get them if you know your loved ones have a sweet tooth.




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