Planning a Holiday to Thailand? Here are the Top Places You Should Visit


Thailand has drawn more than its fair share of visitors through the years, and it has always been on the top of most peoples’ bucket lists. The country definitely boasts a lot when it comes to natural beauty, but its amazing and vibrant culture and fantastic food are regular draws as well. From gorgeous Buddhist temples to hill tribes, beach landscapes and exotic scenery, Thailand is a must-see destination, and its easily accessible location makes it even more of a tourist spot than most. But since Thailand has a lot to offer any visitor, it could be quite a challenge for you to decide where to go when you are there. So are you planning a holiday to Thailand? Here are the top places you should visit.

  1. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, as a tourist destination, is arguably one of the most popular stops for travellers wanting to travel to Thailand and see the lush countryside and beautiful mountains of the country. Chiang Mai is a mountainous area, famous for its tribes which live among its hills, and its outdoor escapes and adventures. The city is quite large and plays a huge role in Thai culture, and its historical sites and architectural ruins make it a beautiful and interesting city to visit. When you’re in Chiang Mai, don’t forget to check out its most famous temple, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, which lies outside the main city on a gorgeous mountainside.

2. Bangkok

One night in Bangkok and you’ll definitely know what everyone is raving about. The city is vibrant, distinct, unique, and exciting – it’s an entire package and trip in itself. Bangkok is not only the country’s capital – it is also Thailand’s largest city, and this cosmopolitan and cultural city boasts everything from high-rise buildings to palaces, temples, nightclubs, markets, and amazing streets and alleyways lined completely with vendors selling everything from clothes to souvenirs of all kinds. Bangkok can be quite the concrete jungle with its endless noise and traffic, but it also features natural beauty with its canals, parks and green spaces, and tropical foliage. While in Bangkok, you should visit Khao San Road – probably the most famous street in the entire country – for its nightlife, dining options, and shopping opportunities. Of course, make it a point to visit the famous Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew temple as well, where the beautiful Emerald Buddha is enshrined.

3. The islands

Since Thailand is comprised of lots of islands, it wouldn’t do to isolate a single island – hence, the term ‘the islands’ is more appropriate. It’s definitely true that most visitors to Thailand are there to experience the country’s beautiful beaches and coastlines, and if you are one of them, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, get ready to be mesmerised. Thailand has three main sets of beautiful islands, namely Ko Chang and Ko Samet (located east of the capital, Bangkok), Ko Samui Gulf (which boasts Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao), and Phuket and Ko Phi Phi in the Andaman region of the country. If you want to see something more developed, you could hike off to Phuket, which has a lot of hotels and resorts to suit anyone’s fancy (and budget), but you can also visit Ko Phi Phi, which is famous for being the beach on – you guessed it – the Leonardo di Caprio movie, ‘The Beach’. Have a wonderful time in amazing



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