Morocco is safer than you think!

Anonymous guide leads camels with tourists riding into setting sun in Sahara desert.

Let’s put it this way, Morocco is no more dangerous than other countries that you might visit on a holiday. In fact, it is the safest in North Africa, and safer than many cities in North America.

In 2011, when the Arab Spring took over most of North Africa, Morocco remained intact thanks to its politically-speaking environment. There haven’t been any violent uprisings in recent years, so it’s safe to say that Morocco is… safe.

Until recent years, petty crimes in Morocco were borderline common; people had their picks pocketed and their purses snatched, and women faced verbal sexual harassment. Morocco’s gorgeous lands brought tourists, and the government had to step in and put a stricter limit to petty crimes.

We’ve spoken to many tourists and many female travellers reported on being catcalled when they were alone in souks. But, they also said that it isn’t a reason to avoid Morocco, as they face the same struggle in Los Angeles or Barcelona.

However, if you feel uncomfortable, you may ask any passerby to help, the helpful/harmful ratio is highly advantageous to the former. People are kind and willing to help.

Going on a Marrakech desert tours 2 days means that you’ll be set with like-minded travellers, in effect, your interactions will involve exchanging common ground, as opposed to asking for directions.

Having The Medina Art Gallery included in your Morocco desert tours is a wise idea, as you’ll get to experience different aspects of Moroccan culture.

have been left out on purpose in order to make an opening for the element of surprise.

One thing that you should be certain of, is that Marrakech desert tours 3 days has never left a guest unsatisfied. We can’t wait to see the bright, wide smile on your face, reassuring us of our successful efforts!



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