More Meaningful Travel Behind the Social Media Front


Social media has made traveling a status symbol for most people. There is an abundance of Instagram-worthy snapshots, wonderful stories in the My Day of Facebook, and posts with Twitter hashtags #travelislife and #travelgoals. However, there are deeper reasons traveling is worth all the preparations, hassle, and expenses. Here is a rundown on them:

A Refreshed Perspective

The hustle of a busy life can easily cloud your soul. As such, beliefs and principles can be set aside or forgotten. Reconnecting with oneself takes more than some meditation or yoga. Spiritual tours such as an exciting LDS Israel tour can help you be grounded once again. Being in sacred places is a great way for your spirit to be renewed or enlightened. A few days focusing on the deeper meaning of your existence gives you a clearer perspective of your purpose.

Intelligence Booster

Information is easily accessible through history books, the Internet, and travel documentaries. But nothing beats having to have experienced the rich history of places such as Europe or of tasting firsthand the exotic food such as what Thailand offers.  You are acquainted with the culture of the places you visit from their way of living, food, language, festivities, and traditions. Your mind expands every time you set foot in a different place.

Stretching Your Limit

Being in a foreign place can help you break free from what is familiar. It might scare you at first to hold a conversation using a different language or ride a different mode of transportation. Even so, as you adapt to the changes around you, you will come to realize that you are out of your comfort zone and that you are perfectly fine with it. More than the souvenirs or memorabilia, you will be taking home with you added practical life skills. You may even discover a new hobby or talent that you’ve never known you had.

A Sense of Pleasure

Who would not want to wake up without having to think of work or household concerns? Instead, be filled with exciting itineraries and a relaxing day ahead. Traveling lets you de-stress, recharge, and feel the satisfaction of having the opportunity to take a deep breath. Your delight in traveling comes from what piques your interest. It could be a laid-back day at the beach, an adventurous hike in the mountains, or a classy sightseeing trip in fashion landmarks. Wherever you choose to travel, it is undeniable that it releases a sense of enjoyment and happiness in you.

Making Meaningful and Deeper Connections

Travel can promote simple coworkers to friends as you get to discover common interests. Families and couples also choose to travel to spend uninterrupted and quality time with one another. The pressure of everyday life is not present when one is traveling. Thus, they can focus on their companions more. In some instances, when one travels alone, new friendships can be formed along the way.

The world is vast, and the only way to conquer it is to travel. Every time you set foot in a different place, you take a piece of it home with you. This is the reason you become a new person every time you return home. Traveling brings about a holistic change in an individual—spiritually, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and even socially.

Meta Title: Worthwhile Traveling: Beyond the Social Media Surface

Meta Description: Traveling brings about holistic changes in an individual. A person’s spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional, and social aspects improve as they travel.




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