HURGHADA: Gifted Pearl of the Red sea


Egypt has the boast of having one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Hurghada is the most enthusiastic, cheerful, and elegant city on earth. Hurghada is the most beautiful resort in the Red sea with its fantastic climate for the whole year. That is why it grabs the attention of tourists around the world. It attracts them to get lost in the magical history and beauty of this place.

Pleasantly warmed and soft springs, mild winters, sunny and hot autumns, and somehow hot summers of Hurghada attract its visitors and exploring an alien habitat beneath the soothing and refreshing waves of the Red see makes a tourist spellbound.

If you are seeking for the pleasant and beautiful weather with exceptionally unique beaches, then Hurghada excursions will be a dream comes true for you. Smile tours offer you to make your dream come true with our unmatched services and economy packages. Smile tours promise you to provide you with a variety of service and a marvellous travelling experience that you are never going to forget in your life.

Smile Tours offer you plenty of activities, experiences, and memorable excursions with the best affordable prices.


Smile tours satisfy your cravings to visit the archaeological sites. Through our Luxor tours from Hurghada, you get an excellent opportunity to explore bespoke Luxor attractions. You can visit amazing Hatshepsut temple, astonishing Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, and the stunning Karnak temple. Our expert tour guide will be there to keep you informed about the history and interesting facts about the places.


Experiencing the magical nature gifted underwater world of Hurghada is just breathtaking and picturesque. You can enjoy snorkeling with beautiful fish; you can swim with dolphins on mesmerizing coral reefs. We know this snorkeling and swimming experience in the crystal clear waters of the red sea is spectacular in the diving morning in Hurghada.


pyramid trip from Hurghada is just like time travelling. You can carefully observe the ancient civilization of Egypt and feel the amazement by visiting emphatic Sphinx, the fantastic valley of temples, Great Giza pyramids, and Miraculous Egyptian Museum.


To reach in the heart of Egypt and watch the stunning view of incredible Egypt, you can enjoy majestic Nile Cruise from Hurghada.


Enjoy the experience of swaying peacefully on a soft-footed camel through the sands to explore the desert with golden sands and enchanting the Hurghada Mountains.

Smile Tours has the credibility of more than 20 years in Egyptian Tourism, that is our proud identity. We believe in quality, innovation, and performance that differentiate us from other travel and tour services providers.

Our customized tours, flexible approach to provide more freedom to our customers during trips and excellent prices give your trip a unique dimension that is about an unforgettable, innovative, and leisure experience for the lifetime. Smile Tours strive to become an integer, ambitious, and most prominent online tour operators in Egypt. Make your dreams smile with Smile Tours.



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