How Your Private Jet Membership Can Take You to the Most Luxurious Places



Need to travel urgently with less hassle and more convenience? A charter plane allows you to do this and more. Charter a plane with a private jet membership where one can enjoy the benefits of flying a private aircraft, like comfortable seating for every passenger, a productive place to work on board, an accessible baggage compartment and rebates on every flight you book.

Land in luxurious destinations like the Maldives, Chiang Mai, Hollywood, Tokyo, and London with a private jet membership that gives you nothing short of the best travel experience and luxury services on board.

Remarkable Benefits

In addition to the visa-free travel, chartering a plane allows you save more when going on a group travel because you don’t have to pay extra for baggage and meals on board since it’s all part of the deal. You may need to pay a de-icing fee though, but it’s all for a fixed price.

Instant Rebates

Whenever you opt for a jet card membership, chartering a plane is much easier, faster and cost-efficient, because regular customers with a good flight record can get more rebates on their next trip.

No More Connecting Flights

Chartering a plane means no more connecting flights or the extra cost and time. You can fly to your luxury destination without delays and arrive on time. 

Fly At Your Own Schedule

A charter plane can take you directly to your preferred destination, especially ones that commercial planes can’t reach. Some luxury destinations via commercial planes also have their own flight schedules that are not as flexible as chartering your own plane, so it’s better to sign up for a jet card membership instead.

Personalized Trip

Need a multi-city, interstate or inter-continental trip? Chartering a plane makes it easier for you to fly to different places in a few days. Just give jet providers at least 10 hours notice on changes or additional flights you may want to have and any other preferences you may have, like flying with your pet on the charter plane.

Chartering a plane definitely has its benefits that are way more convenient than chartering a commercial plane. Book your exclusive trip with a trusted jet provider that gives you the best travel experience in a lifetime.



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