How to Plan the Best Family Vacation


Traveling with family can be challenging, especially if you have young children, but it can also strengthen your bonds as a family and bring you all closer together. Lots of careful planning and preparation can help you have the best family vacation ever. If you are planning a family trip soon, here are a few tips on how you can make it a smooth and enjoyable one:

Book in Advance

Don’t leave anything up to chance when traveling with family. Spontaneous road trips and spur of the moment changes are best left for when you are traveling alone or with an adventurous friend. When traveling with family, especially children, it’s important to book flights, accommodations, and even a parking slot with ParkON well in advance.

ParkON offers parking spaces in more than 200 parking lots strategically located close to all the major airports in the United States. Airport parking can be notoriously difficult to find, and the last thing you want to do is to end up driving around the airport in circles looking for a parking spot just before you go on your family vacation. With ParkON, you can search for, reserve and pay for a parking space easily online, all in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Comfort is Key

Children can become irritable and fussy when they start to feel uncomfortable, so make sure you plan ahead to make your trip as comfortable as possible for them, especially if you will be traveling a long distance. Dress them in comfortable and unrestrictive clothing, and bring a jacket for layering when they get cold.

Pack nutritious snacks to tide them over between meals, and have several games prepared for when boredom strikes and they start to feel restless. Pack comfortable clothes and shoes for your destination, to avoid aching little feet after walking around all day.

Plan Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy Together

When traveling with your family, you’ll need to plan one or two activities per day to keep everyone interested and engaged. You don’t have to plan every single minute of your day, or cram one activity after the next; this may overwhelm your children or make them exhausted and miserable.

Choose two or three points of interests to visit, and read up on the best restaurants to visit in the place where you’re going.  Whatever activities you choose, be present and make sure you’re enjoying them together, not getting so caught up in keeping yourselves occupied that you forget to bond.

Make Plenty of Memories

Making precious memories is the best part about traveling with family. Be sure to take plenty of photos so you can look back on them and remember stories together for years to come.

Traveling together is a great privilege, and can be a wonderful opportunity for your family. Traveling together helps you learn more about each other, understand each other better, and hopefully appreciate each other more. Plan more family vacations if you can; it will help strengthen your family ties and bring you all closer together.



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