Exvisa-a step forward to immigration innovation


Technology is revolutionizing our daily lives and this world. Thanks to the amazing resources and tools created by technology, useful information is simply on our fingertips. Now computers are increasingly faster, high powers, and more portable than ever before. Smartphones, Smartwatches, Smart lights, and even smart homes have been introduced to consumers to make their life’s more simple and secure. Most probably Exvisa is also going to be an essential part of this digital evolution very soon.

It is now becoming essential to keeping our records online. Whether it is online booking of tickets, business documentation, or money transactions, we are hungry to use online services. From cash to credit cards, and hardcopy ticketing to online booking, things are revolutionizing to provide the facilities and helping us to experience a more secure and carefree way of keeping our personal records.

As trends are changing in every field of life traveling is also transforming into a digitalized manner. But still, there is something unchanged. YES! The traveling documents, Passport, Visa, Travel insurance, foreign currency, Air tickets, etc. Although we can avail of options of online ticketing, travel insurance, and debit cards for money, we still need to keep with us our passport and visa as the essential traveling needs.

Have you ever thought, if this entire process of emigration, immigration, and relocation can be streamlined by the safe digitalization of human passport and visa?

Guess what! Exvisa is really going to be the ultimate solution that is going to change the immigration process entirely forever. Tolga Akcay has designed a brand new technology to digitalize the passport and visa in a more secure form of online visa and passport. The basic concept of Exvisa is to conduct the immigration processes more smoothly in a digitalized way. Exvisa is also going to prevent illegal immigration and fake traveling documentation via cryptonization of sensitive documents into transparent blockchains. A transport blockchain visa is considerably a hacker’s proof method of storing data. This worthy technology is going to facilitate immigration authorities and travelers in terms of foolproof security of personal data information by the cryptonization of data before enrolling in any blockchain. Exvisa is surely going to help the authorities to control, the relocation, emigration, and immigration with innate and well-defined parameters. Another amazing feature of Exvisa is the reviewing of complete information about immigrants based on their skills.

‘’Being innovative is actually about allowing yourself to expose your mind to something really great that has the potential to change the world and  lives positively and you take action on it.’’

Tolga Akcay is an innovative, creative, and enthusiastic person who believes in bringing positive changes in the world. Mr. Tolga Akcay is the CEO of exVisa.com and he started Exvisa in 2018. The passion for doing something great for the development of human beings is its identity. Tolga Akcay turned his dream into a goal to achieve everything that he has today. He is the true inspiration for young people to follow their dreams and earn big success.



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