Easy Ways to Make Getting to Your Holiday Spot Fun


Often one of the most challenging aspects of a holiday is the packing. You want to be efficient yet include all of the necessities for different weather and the different activities you will encounter.  You should also pack to make the most of your travel time from place to place.

The time spent on a plane, train or boat getting to your destination doesn’t have to be spent in solitary activities like reading or playing solitaire games on your smartphone or tablet.  Consider taking along some games.  Not only are they easy to pack, but they are a great way to pass the time and meet new people.


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Draughts, Chess and Backgammon

One of the best aspects of any of these three games is that you can play any of them with very little equipment.  Most shops that offer games sell reversible travel boards with a backgammon layout on one side and draughts and chess on the other.  From there you just need to pick up the equipment specific to each game.

For backgammon you need 15 chequers for each player and at least one set of dice.  If you want to be more traditional pick up two dice cups, two sets of dice and a doubling cube.  However, using the bare minimum of equipment helps you achieve all of the goals; efficient packing,  providing a fun pastime during travel and a game that is easy to set up regardless of your mode of travel. The same chequers can be used for draughts as you need only 12 for each player. You now have two of the world’s most popular games using a minimum of space.

If your travel time is a bit longer consider adding a set of chess men. You play on the same board as draughts and still only take up a small amount of room. Chess is especially good for longer trips on trains or boats.


Playing cards are the ultimate in gaming efficiency; they take up almost no room and there are literally hundreds of games you can play

Rummy actually covers almost fifty different card games and is one of the world’s most popular card games.  You can play with two to six players which makes it ideal for every travel situation.  Players often know different variations of Rummy, all of which are easy to learn.

Scrabble – The makers of Scrabble claim that their game is the most popular game in the world. Travel size editions of the game are perfect for your carry-on luggage and light enough for those on backpacking excursions. Scrabble is also even more enjoyable if your happen to find an opponent from another country, whose spelling and word usage are sometimes very different. The subtle language differences not only result in some fun “disagreements” on the rules, they provide the chance to learn more about your opponent.

Everyone looks forward to getting to their holiday destination. With just a little planning you can also make the time getting to your destination a fun part of your holiday as well.



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