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fun trip with exciting dolphins offers Hurghada Red Sea Egypt


One of the best trips that can be made in Hurghada is the Red Sea Egypt, a trip to enjoy live dolphins, which can offer an amazing interactive show in many of the theme parks, on top of it; “Dolphin Park”

During this journey you will enjoy the great interactive displays, which will surprise, entertain and learn through the great display that dolphins and coaches have designed for you.

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About the offers of dolphins Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

During these performances, these smart and cheerful dolphins interact with their coaches where you will see the love and respect relationship while performing exciting tricks, jumps and performances during the show in perfect timing and accuracy, with a great musical background.

In these shows, you will discover the fun and lucrative nature of the dolphins, when playing their favorite games, with water polo games and acrobatics.

Dolphins are the nicest marine animals and mammals in general, as they are human friendly, and can be well-knit and able to deal with it.

What do you see in Dolphin Shows?

The children not only enjoy the show, but also the adults, where the experience of performing a highly trained dolphin show for an hour, is an unforgettable experience.

In that show, we promise that we will put a smile on the faces of both children and adults, where you should enjoy the exciting acrobatics show by the well-trained dolphins in the Middle East and the friendliest mammal animals in the world.

Flight details of dolphins

Start your journey from 2 pm, take the road to Dolphin Park for about half an hour, and once you arrive at Dolphin Park, Dolphin Park representative gives you the show tickets and guides you to what you can do within the theme park, the show starts at 3:00 pm and ends at 4:00 pm.

After the show ends, the fun will not end, as the guests will be offered the opportunity; to pick up some pictures with the dolphins, the pictures vary in price and sizes, you have the chance to get an excellent picture, for up to 25 minutes before departure completely and back again to the hotel.

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What is the dolphin trip?

• The trip includes transportation, by air-conditioned cars.

• Dolphin display tickets.

What is not included in the trip?

• Take pictures.

• Get DVDs.

• Any other item not on the previous list.

You must be with you during the flight

• Cameras.


• Hats.

Flight cost details

Adult / $ 10

Child / $ 10

Infants / less than two years free of charge

Flight timing

The journey begins around 2:00 pm, returning at 4:00 pm, and lasts for two full hours

The trip can be done every day

Address Dolphin Park: El Mercato area, Umm El Sid Hill, Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, accessible through the following map or in Hurghada branch Red Sea Egypt

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