Best Free Android Monitoring Apps to Control Phone


Are you tense about how to monitor your android devices? Well, look no further because have some of the best app details that can help you monitor Android devices.

Are there any specific apps only to monitor Android devices? Well, this is one of those questions that must be bothering you. But, you should know that there are certainly some apps that can help you monitor the devices. Since there are so many options available in the market, you may be confused initially.

You must pick up the right android monitoring app. There are specific facts that you should know about monitoring. This will not only help you stay updated about your loved one, but you can also check up on what they’re doing. The android apps for monitoring will also help to ensure your security. How? If your partner is cheating on you, the apps will notify you about the same.

What is an Android Monitoring app?

An android monitoring app has become extremely popular among users. The apps will allow you to keep a check on the target app all around the clock.

Most people around the world use android apps. If you know someone using an android device and want to track them, you can use the monitoring app to check on them. The Android monitoring app, as stated, has several benefits.

What are the popular android monitoring apps?

The android monitoring apps can be of great help to you. Some of the popular android monitoring apps that you should be using include the following.


If you are tired of your child using their phone all night long, you might want to check what they’re up to. And honestly, there’s no better app than Hoverwatch to keep a check on your child’s activities.

Hoverwatch is an app that has been designed to suit the requirements of parents. This app keeps your child safe, but it will also notify the parents about the children’s whereabouts. The app also provides the benefit of call log monitoring and text message monitoring.


When it comes to choosing the best Android monitoring device, one cannot deny the popularity of mSpy. This is the best and ultimate parental control app that allows you to keep a check on the child’s social media activities.

With the help of this app, you can be updated about the whereabouts of your child. However, at the same time, you can monitor a wide range of devices. To ensure the best for you, the app allows parents to block calls and websites.


As the name suggests, the app was initially launched for iPhones, but later on it was launched for Android platforms as well. The app has a wide range of features such as message monitoring, call recording, browsing histories, and more.

Nonetheless, unlike the other apps, iKeyMonitor may not have certain features. You must check all the features properly.


The Android monitoring apps can ensure complete safety for you and your child. Make sure that you check the features and perks provided by the apps to make a firm decision.





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