5 Little Known Facts About Vaping


How familiar are you with vaping? Have you ever tried it? Vaping is considered a risk-free alternative to traditional smoking. People believe that there is no tar or carbon monoxide in the e-liquid, so it is less harmful than those of traditional cigarettes. For many, it is a useful tool to quit smoking as it helps them manage the tobacco cravings. Ecigoz nz is an online vapor store that can help you accomplish the goal of kicking out the smoking habit.

Vape juice New Zealand used in an e-cigarette:

If you have decided to kick out the habit of smoking, then you are not alone. Most smokers say they want to quit smoking, but it is not that easy. The craving for tobacco is not easy to ignore. So, the best alternative to smoking is vaping. Electronic devices used in vaping can look like a pen. E-cigarettes are quite popular in the vaping for e-cigarette users inhale the vapor from e-liquid instead of inhaling tobacco.

Little known facts about vape:

Here are a few interesting facts about vaping. So let’s have a look:

  • Vape nz isn’t the same as smoking:

Many people believe that vaping is the same as smoking. But this is not true. Though e-cigarettes may resemble traditional smoking, there is a huge difference between both. In e-cigarette, you inhale e-liquid while, as in traditional cigarettes, you inhale tobacco.

  • Plenty of options in e-juice flavoring:

Do you know that e-juice is available in hundreds of flavors? Yes, you can choose any flavor you want to. It is available in fresh apple, berry blast, and coconut flavor, etc.

  • Vaping could save thousands of lives:

According to the study published in the British Journal of General practice vaping could save as many as six thousand lives per million smokers each year.

  • Nicotine e-liquid is highly addictive:

There is no tar, carbon monoxide, or any other harmful ingredients in e-liquid, but it contains nicotine, which is addictive.

  • Vaping can save money:

Do you know that vaping can save you money? Buying cigarettes every day is costly. Investing in an e-cigarette is a sure way to save some money. But it depends on the unique circumstances of a person.


E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular as they are considered less harmful than smoking. Ecigoz nz can help you buy e-liquid, which is made to the highest standards.



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