10 Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life


Leaving home for travel often means sacrificing comfort. But it should not always be that way. There are hundreds of travel tips that will make you get out of trouble in the easiest way.

To go one step ahead of the inconvenience that is presented to us outside the home, planning is essential. The longer you take to accommodate your luggage, the less chance you will forget something.

However, sometimes it is not enough just time to plan. Tfortraveller will explain some important tips that you probably don’t know, and that are perfect for traveling. If you follow some of these tips to the letter, your will be more bearable. And best of all, you will feel like the king of the airport.

  1. Place disposable tissues at the bottom of your suitcase to keep it fresh

If you are worried about the moisture that may exist in your luggage, pack a box of tissues. These will absorb moisture between your clothes. Now you can be sure that you will reach your destination dry and without bad smells from head to toe.

  1. Charge your phone from the TV

We have all left the USB Charger of our cell phone at home. If you don’t have the time or budget to buy a new one, you can take advantage of the TV in your room. Many new generation televisions have USB input. If you have your cable with you, you can charge your cell phone there.

  1. Roll up, not double

If you want to optimize the space in your suitcase, the best way to accommodate your clothes is to roll it up. When folding, you waste space and many times the clothes arrive wrinkled. Fold, and keep everything in order in your luggage.

  1. Pillbox or jewelry box?

Taking your jewelry with you on a trip can be a headache. Not knowing where to keep them, or risk losing some, scares a little. The best solution for this is to use a pillbox as a jeweler. You can use each compartment for clothes separately, and voila!

  1. Scan everything!

Being in another country forces us to have our personal documentation with us all the time. Passport, driver’s license, or whatever your documentation, it can be risky to have it with you all the time. Missing them would not be right, right? A good solution is to scan everything and carry it on your phone or tablet. That way you will not risk losing anything and will remain documented.

  1. Bathing cap for your shoes

Packing our shoes is always a problem. Nobody wants their clothes to get dirty with everything you step on, and bagging all your shoes can be a bit disastrous. But do not worry. You can store your shoes in bathing caps. They won’t get out of there and you’ll have your clothes and shoes protected.

  1. I run out of battery!

Today, cell phones are an extension of us. And when we travel, they become a fundamental tool to locate and stay connected. If your phone downloads very quickly or you know that you will have a long day away from power outlets, there is a solution! Place your phone in “Airplane Mode” when you are not using it and save battery power for times when you really need to use it.

  1. Very large containers?

Saving space is paramount when you’re packing. Many times we want to take all our personal care products with us, but when we put them together, they take up a large part of our suitcase. Do not throw away your smaller containers. When you go on a trip look for them and fill them with a part of your products. If your stay away from home will not be very long, this option can be very useful. You will save space by taking only what is necessary with you.

  1. Ok Maps, I’m lost!

On international trips, we do not always consider buying telephone lines from the country we visited. Then we end up depending on the WiFi networks that we have at hand. If you are going to leave and you need to have the map of an area to locate, you can do it with Google Maps. You just have to locate in the application the area where you will move that day and type in the search engine “Ok Maps”. The app will ask you if you want to download all the information in the area and you will automatically have on your cell phone everything you need to go out for quiet tourism.

  1. Do not throw water and save money

It has happened to all of us, before going through security at an airport, asking to throw away any liquid that we have with us or in our hand luggage. To avoid this, store an empty water bottle. They won’t tell you anything and you can enter it. Once inside, you can fill it in a drinking fountain, and voila! You save money and have water for your trip.



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