Charter a Private Yacht and Cruise Around Sydney Harbour in Style


If you have yet to step aboard a world-class yacht, be prepared for another world, as you are surrounded by opulent luxury. When you charter such a vessel for the evening, you and your guests are in for an unforgettable experience. While this might not be something you would do every week, here are a few special occasions that would warrant chartering a yacht for dinner.

Marriage Proposal

If you want to really impress her, arrange for a special candlelit dinner in Sydney Harbour for the perfect proposal backdrop. When talking to a leading provider of Sydney Harbour coast cruises & boat hire, you realise how friendly they are, and they can usually work to your budget and pull out all the stops to make it a night to remember for both of you. The chilled champagne, the violin player, the perfect backdrop; all these details can be discussed and if you have any ideas, they would love to be a part of your concept.

Retirement Party

If you have worked for more than four decades and are soon to enjoy your retirement, that definitely calls for something a bit special, and chartering a yacht to take you around Sydney Harbour with your partner and your children there to celebrate is a great idea. Retirement really is something to celebrate, as you have many years of leisure to look forward to, a time to do all of those things that were not possible due to work commitments, and sailing on a private yacht to celebrate is very fitting.

Special Birthdays

It might be a family member’s 21st or your father has reached the magical 70 years, which calls for a special celebration, or it could be when your partner hit 40, which many people say is when things are at their best.


Why not go the whole 9 yards when your son or daughter graduates? He or she deserves it and taking a dinner cruise is the perfect way to celebrate the start of a career. You can impart your wisdom, having pursued a career for many years, and you and your family will look back with fondness at that amazing dinner cruise in Sydney Harbour, complete with photos and some video.

Getting Married

Having a yacht wedding is becoming the in-thing to do, and you couldn’t find a better backdrop for a wedding than Sydney Harbour, and with family and friends, you and your partner can enjoy the experience while the crew make sure all is as it should be.

Whatever the occasion, yacht charter is a spectacular way to celebrate, and with online solutions, you can be looking at vessels and special packages, so the next big occasion, spend it with your loved ones dining on a private yacht.



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