3 Great Ways to Lose Time While On Holiday

Photo Taken In Mesariá, Greece

Nearly all of us love to go to the beach and relax. It is all part of the holiday experience, but sometimes all that relaxing can become tedious. Usually it is the city folk that drop first, then the townies, and finally even the villagers who are used to the slow pace of beach life because they know how to keep themselves occupied in the countryside. Eventually we have to do something other than just sunbathing on the beach.

OK so some of us can literally sunbathe all day, so this blog will not apply to you. However, there are plenty of us out there that need to think of something different to do.

Snorkelling or Diving

Get your flippers on and get into the water. Even if you can’t swim, you can use a floater jacket and put on some flippers and swim. All you need then is googles and a snorkel. Start shallow and get your confidence up, then go for the deeper more interesting areas of the beach you are on. You will notice time flies by if you are impressed or intrigued about what you see.

One word of advice whether you are good swimmer or not. Make sure you always have a snorkelling buddy to go out with. Going on your own into the deeps is dangerous regardless of how good a swimmer you are.

Watching Movies from Your Home Country

Obviously watching movies in your home country can defeat the object of getting away. Yet, there are still some of us that cannot travel without that little piece of home with us. The trouble is most websites are geo-restricted so we cannot access them from abroad. Well for a very small fee, or for free in many cases, you can get a VPN.

With a VPN you can zoom into a computer called a VPN server in your home country. You then initiate a session from your computer to something like Netflix Suisse catalogue and HBO. You will be able to log onto to your local version of the movie site or TV channel you want to watch without any location restrictions denying your connection.

If you have WiFi, then you can link the VPN up to your smartphone or tablet too. This way you will be able to stream movies and sunbathe at the same time. You be thinking that movies while on holiday defeat the object of getting away, but one day binging on series and movies is not going to hurt, and it is sure as hell better than being bored out of your mind.

For an example of how to use this technology, you will need to dig deeper than the information we have given you in this section of this blog. Therefore, we encourage you to check out Netflix en Suisse for more information.

Boat Trips

There is nothing quite like organizing a boat trip. Not only do you get to go out and see pristine beaches in coves that are inaccessible by road, you also get a great view of the land from sea. That feeling is something special and you never really know it until you are out there. It is a little like that niggling thought I am sure all of have, which is ‘I wonder what it would be like to look at Earth from space’. Ok, so looking back at land from boat is certainly not as awe-inspiring or as dramatic as looking at Earth from space, but I think you catch my drift on this one (forgive the pun).

Already we have given you three great trips that will keep you occupied for at least 3 days. Plus, there will be more than one boat trip to book up in most cases, and snorkelling can take up a few days to scour the entire beachfront and then further out. Then you can plonk in a couple of days and voila, you have already gotten yourself a week right there without even touching on the subject of jungle treks, historical trips to town, or looking for place to sport!



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