When to visit the Galapagos Islands?


Roughly about 600 miles off from the coast of Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands exists. It is a closely guarded open secret of nature, and thousands of people visit Galapagos to witness mesmerizing landscapes and incredible animals. It is a trip of a lifetime, and every Island offers exceptional geographical features and flora and fauna.


These Galapagos Islands are on a three-way tectonic plate junction. There are 40 islets, 13 major Islands, and six minor Islands are included in this group of Islands. There is Humboldt, Cromwell, Panama, and Equatorial Ocean currents cover the Galapagos Islands that are why unpredictable water temperature and tidal patterns are often observed there.

Do you know what time is best to visit Galapagos?

Actually, there is no wrong time to visit the Galapagos Islands in every season; surely, you will experience a unique and beautiful adventure. It is all about a science fiction time travel journey to visit a remote Island group of prehistoric volcanic eruptions, swimming iguanas, tortoises, flightless birds, and alien cactus.

Galapagos Islands Cruises:

To observe remarkable evolutionary variations, Galapagos Island Cruises are the most immersive way. Ship sizes have a wide range from accommodating 10 to 110 passengers. These cruises follow a rule of overnight travelling. You can enjoy many snorkel trips, voyages, and multiple trips to ten different Islands with smaller boats during days long cruise trip. As this Island located at the Equator, it has equal 12 hours of the night and 12 hours of daylight throughout the year, and its weather is suitable for tourists all year round. Mid-December to mid-January and then June to August are the most popular and expensive time to visit Galapagos. People who look for hatching sea turtles, colourful fauna, and clear snorkelling find this time the perfect one. From budget class cruises to first-class luxury experiences, you can find complete variety according to your budget and group size.

Plan a trip to Galapagos Islands today:

You can have a varied range of Galapagos tours as this Island itself. From visiting Darwin Research Station to sea turtles to exploring underworld life by scuba diving and seeing sea lions on San Cristobal, there is a variety of options, and you simply get confused to choose the best option. If hiking is your thing, The Galapagos is considered as ‘’Trekker’s paradise’’ and if you love to see the Galapagos, I mean the tortoise then you know The Galapagos Islands are their territory. Don’t forget Galapagos coffee that has the unique blend of fertile volcanic soil and ideal conditions of the Island. Most areas of the Galapagos Islands are accessible only with an approved travel guide, and it is best to book cruise and tour guide in advance.

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