Reasons Why Bangkok Should be on Top of Your To-Visit List



Although many North Americans consider traveling to Bangkok for a two- or three-week vacation as too exotic, it is the best and mind-expanding vacation you can ever take. There is plenty of things to see and learn in a visit to the Thai country. Although you can still have a good experience in a week or less, it will be best for you to have weeks or a month to spare.

Good, affordable food and lodging

With a few dollars, you will get to have the best Thai meals. It is known for hundreds of guest houses as well as hotels for friendly prices that will feel like America in the mid-20th century. The hotels sells delicious stuff for prices that Americans would consider pocket change. If you want to splurge, the Asian country is the best destination for you because you will get the services of outstanding hotels and resorts that won’t hit hard on your pocket as compared to what you would pay back at home. Whatever time of the year you visit Thai, you will always be welcomed by a warm weather and clear day. Americans who are used to cool, hot, and rainy sky will get to test the awesome Thai weather.

Beautiful beaches

The country is one of the few places in the world that have the best beaches. Clear, warm water, marine life as well as stunning vistas will give you the best moments while swimming, snorkeling, or scuba ring. Additionally, you will get to experience various types of beaches ranging from quiet and laid back to party at all night. You can always find your place and fit in Thai beaches.

Terrific Thai Food

If you don’t have a taste for Thai food and the only place you have ever gotten Thai food from is in the United States, you are in for a big surprise. The food is much better, available in more variety, and inexpensive in Thai restaurants. While you find your favorites such as pad Thai and curry, you will also find a wide selection of noodles, salads, as well as snacks. It is also no denying that Thailand has the best chicken than you can ever find in the American South.

Splendid shopping

If you are into bargains, markets or cool as well as quirky stuff, shopping in Bangkok can be a fulfilling and satisfying activity. You will find shoes, art and other items that are among the fanciest in the world. It’s easy to travel. The availability of budget airlines provides for easy and cheap ways to get around the country. During off-peak season, you will be able to travel from Bangkok to Phuket for a very affordable fare.

Interesting cities

Bangkok and Chiang Mai are among the cities in the world that everyone will want to visit someday because it is at the center of history, culture, great food, architecture and lots of diversions. Bangkok is the most visited city in the whole world for a reason. It is called the land of smiles for something. While you may come across one or two who aren’t smiling, you will be welcomed friendly, open, as well as kind people.




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