How people can ditch the 9-to-5 and become location independent


There was a time in my life when I dreamed of a 9-5 successful career and I got it very soon but then guess what? I strictly bounded into a tough formula routine with no changes at all. It was like being on autopilot and no need to think of anything. I love to travel, a very efficient reader, enjoy exploring nature, and a daydreamer of seeing every splendid masterpiece of natural art.

But with my office routine, it was impossible and the siren song of insecurities, fear to remain in the race, and how I could manage my bread and butter without the job were the additional incentives free with my tough job routine.

Once during net surfing, I accidentally or luckily visited a link and my first opinion was that these are just promotional tactics and frankly speaking, I was not sure till the day I travel for the very first time to Hawaii for a destination vacation.

Undoubtedly, John Spencer Ellis is a true guide and motivator who believes in being independent of hard and fast rules of job and career and as a true believer, he helps entrepreneurs to become location free online business owners and digital nomads. I joined his free video training and the first time I got the confidence of getting free of the regular job tensions and worries. I became my boss and started selling CBD oil online of course, with the help, support, and guidance of John Spencer.

I agree there are so many online experts and companies available who claim to guide and make you successful, but the actual difference between John and others is his passion for every single trainee and their dreams. He always tries to see reality with the eyes of an entrepreneur and initially the best thing he does is make them confident of themselves and encourages them to believe in dreams after gaining this confidence we win half the battle.

I am living the life of my dreams and there are hundreds of others who are doing the same only because of John  Spencer. For taking one step forward to follow your dreams you can visit



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