How new technology and services can make your holiday better


Well as time moves on, we have gone from only holidaying locally, to being able to afford with low cost air fares worldwide vacations. Now the latest innovations can help us to have even better breaks, and here are a few of my favourites.

The Google Translate App

Wow- what a free gift from google. This amazing app with turn your smart phone into a multi lingual translator of over 100 different languages. Simply type in what you want to say, select the language that you would like it translated into and instantly the translated content is available for you.

If you are looking to translate too and from one of the 33 different languages that the app has voice recognition for, then you do not even need to be able to type your message. Simple speak the words that you would like to have translated and the app will play back a translated message. Allowing you to have a voice conversation across two languages, just like the science fictional universal translator first featured in Stat Track.

It also has an image recognition function, where you can upload a photograph and it will recognise any writing and which language it is in. Then it will translate those words for you, perfect if you need to understand a menu in a different language.

Use a Luggage Shipping Specialist

You no longer need to carry heavy cases, from your car and too check-in and then wait for your bags at baggage reclaim. Now you can arrange for luggage shipping specialist Courierpoint to move your bags for you. They will arrange for one of the best international courier services such as DHL or FedEx to collect and route your bags for complete peace of mind. They can move cases, sports equipment or even a parcel to Canada or worldwide, so that you do not have to carry them, and can travel luggage free.

You can pack everything that you want to take with you, as for heavier bags the cost is lower than airline baggage for most destinations. So now you can travel like a VIP with only hand luggage.

Check online reviews

The internet has led to the ability for us to publicly share our thoughts and experiences of services that we use. This is especially true in the world of travel with TripAdvisor having multiple reviews for hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions worldwide. If you read reviews from previous clients you it will help to decide where you would like to stay and also give helpful tips on the place, such as what time and where breakfast is.

Use the Revolut app for your foreign currency

You can now turn your smart phone into an online prepaid debut card, for 25 different foreign currencies. The Revolt app is helping travellers to keep safe by not carrying cash, and to save money by offer real time exchange rates commission free.

I hope that these tips have made you think about  how new services might help you to have better holidays in the future,










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