Top 3 Tips for Being Organized whilst Traveling with a Baby

Boat Travel with Babies

Let’s face it, parenting is a pretty tough job!  Yes, it is incredibly rewarding, but the reality is that it is also challenging!   Now add in a holiday with baby!  Sound awesome, doesn’t it?  But yet if you have already been on a trip with your baby, you know exactly how hard it can be to travel with a baby!

There are ways in which you can try to make life as easy as you can when you chose to travel with your baby.  Here are our top 3 tips for staying organized!

Use Checklists

Checklists can honestly be a lifesaver!  They might be old fashioned but they will help you stay organized whilst you pack the bags for the holiday!  We honestly find that it helps to keep down those pre-travel jitters as well!

We personally have two checklists, one which focuses on what to pack in our travel diaper bag and the other one that helps us pack our baby’s luggage.

If we have all the essentials packed and ready to go, we are already ensuring that the trip will run so much smoother!

Baby Travel Bags

We have found that the baby travel bags can either make the experience better or add stress to the trip!  Finding bags that allow you to organize your baby stuff, will honestly be worth every single dollar!

We personally prefer to fly with a backpack diaper bag as they offer you large space, but have the bonus of coming with loads of different pockets and compartments so you can organize all your baby gear!  It is important to be able to find specific items in the nick of time on a flight!  We have a pocket for the diapers, another pocket for the wipes.  Special pockets for the bottles; one for the toys and one for the extra clothes and blankets. And don’t forget to add the right baby carrier so you can carry your baby everywhere with you, check out this UK guide on the best baby carrier.

We have also found that suitcases that offer a zippered compartment will help to keep baby items in place and organized!  You can watch a handy video here to see how beneficial this will be as you pack your baby bags!

Organize your Accommodation Ahead of Time!

Now is not the time to be spontaneous with your trip.  You won’t be able to just ‘wing’ it once you arrive like you used to pre-kids!  We highly recommend that you ensure that you have accommodation booked and ready to go prior to departure!  Make sure you ask the hotels whether they have a baby cot; surprisingly not all do, which means that you need to either take a cot with you or find a different hotel to stay at! We recommend Webjet for Hotels & Flights.

Organize your transfers ahead of time!  We have found that it can be incredibly hard to find transport that has a baby safety seat in it!  Again, you might need to bring this item with you, but we prefer to organize transportation that includes a baby capsule!  After all, you are already carrying enough without the extra hassle of a seat!

You can find loads more handy tips on family travel blogs.   If this is your first flight with baby it might be important to take some time and to do some research.  Read the tips that are shared by other parents!  Enjoy your trip with your baby!



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