Things to Remember When You Travel to Maldives As a Tourist 


Maldives is the most celebrated group of islands that is found in the Indian Ocean. It is known for its beauty, which includes pristine beaches and turquoise lagoons. It has a collection of around 1192 coral islands, which are all located in the Indian Ocean. It is one of those places on earth, which everybody would like to experience at least once in their lifetime.

People who are planning to visit Maldives for the first time, need to identify a good tour operator. A guide is very important to make your tour hassle-free and you can enjoy every moment.  Zeldiva Luxury is all about providing you with the best of experience in Maldives making your holiday relaxing and fun on the sunny side of life. The Waldorf Astoria Maldives is what you need to choose for your stay in Maldives. It is surely going to be an unforgettable experience surrounded by astonishing natural beauty.

When it comes to cultural values, Maldives is an Islamic country with the most beautiful values. Hence, you just cannot go around roaming on the beaches like you do in the western countries. There are certain rules and regulations, which you need to abide by to respect their customs and traditions. Here is a list of things that you shouldn’t do when you stay in Maldives:

  1. Avoid any kind of public display of affection. This is against the rules. Locals there would not like any such things including a small peck on the cheek too. If you are a couple visiting the place, then all you can do is hold hands and that’s it.
  2. Being a Muslim country, you cannot consume alcohol in public places. Even pork meat is not something that is sold readily. Hence, do not offend anyone by doing these activities.
  3. Women are not allowed to wear a bikini or any revealing clothes in public. This is limited only to your resorts and boats. This is considered a violation and disrespect against their social custom.
  4. You should consume packaged water in Maldives rather than tap waters. Waters here go through reverse osmosis desalination, which eradicates all the germs and bacteria including some good natural minerals that are considered to be nutritious. Hence, you will end up drinking something which is not good at all for you.
  5. Do not try to smuggle any items to this country which is against their religion. Products like pork, tobacco, etc. should be avoided even if they are duty-free at the airports.
  6. As Maldives is well known for its turquoise water, people would love to dive into water for activities like snorkelling. Though it is a fun activity, it is better to apply a good amount of sunscreen before entering water. Otherwise, you will burn yourself with due to heat and also get tanned.
  7. Avoid carrying shoes while going to the beach. It is preferable to walk barefoot as the sand is crystal clear and soft. You can wear slip-on and flip-flops for a relaxing experience.

Do follow these tips to avoid any inconvenience during your stay in Maldives.




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