Places to visit in Myanmar


Talking about Myanmar, you are presented with an array of destinations to choose from. This is such a beautiful country with a lot to yearn for; however, its size is daunting with numerous interesting things and places to visit. We present you with the details on the logistics and demystify the relevant information. Follow through as we present some of the destination sites that may interest you.

Want to try a morning in Yangon?

Visiting Myanmar for the first time, you may want to have an experience of Yangon, the largest city, and the former capital. This is the host of the country’s exotic sights and sounds; it’s the heartbeat of the country. A joke goes round that ‘when they cough in Yangon, the rest of the country sneezes’. A joke that is validated by among other things, “the local morning in Yangon” -the morning exposes you to the outskirts of the city and therefore interact with the locals.

A tour with the local train will take you to the village marketplace, the tour is usually in the morning, and the rest of the day, you can spend exploring other parts of the city. Check out on the much you can save by visiting today.

Popular spots in Myanmar

A train tour from Yangon leads you to the next big city -Bagan, here you explore the famous temples and pagodas of the region. From there, you head to the second largest city in Myanmar, and the home to the largest book in the world-Mandalay. The famous picturesque Inle Lake is the next place that you must visit. Touring these places might need at least seven days so that you can enjoy the most.

Trek around Putao

If you are looking for adventure, I mean, real adventure off the unbeaten path in the north, then a tour around Putao will make your dream a reality. This is a remote destination which registers the smallest number of tourists-one would say, it’s because the place is remote. If you want to get an experience of “Alice in Wonderland”, this place is the gateway to the beautiful Himalayan Mountains, the apple of Myanmar. Green valleys and the snow-capped peaks are what you behold. This is the home to various ethnic groups and the lovers of hiking would love it-big time. Such a unique area is a must-visit while in Putao.

What are the essentials you need?

Yangon is the main theatre where everything happens- more to that, it’s the entry point to Myanmar. Yangon airport has seen a tremendous growth in the last few years and now receives flights from across the globe. This place is ideal for anyone entering the country because of the availability of trains, buses and domestic flights. Therefore, whichever your destination is, Yangon is strategic. In case you don’t have a Visa, you can make an application right there and in 2-3 days, you have it ready -convenience redefined, right.

Myanmar is an expensive town due to high numbers of tourists it attracts all-round the year. Therefore, you must be ready to spend here. We are ready to help you plan and make a saving through discounts and giving alternative leads that will allow you enjoy as you spend less. Save on your tickets and hotel accommodation by visiting Whether you want to visit the famous sites or you are a fan of the remote places- we have the details.



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