Andaman – The tropical paradise


The world is full of mesmerizing destinations waiting to be explored, and Andaman is for sure one of them. Andaman, a lush green island, is the most beautiful places on the planet. The place boasts many desolate beaches which are known to be the main attractions for every traveler. The Island represents a backdrop of the beautiful and charming extravaganza. This beautiful Island presents splendid deserted beaches, incredible corals plus marine life, captivating post and remains of Stone Age culture. Below we have mentioned for things to do in Andaman to help you to enjoy all the best islands in Andaman. Let’s have a look:

Enjoying Beach Bumming

Andaman is the best place to experience and enjoy the jewel blue seas, white sand, rippling gentle waves and a fantastic skyline. The Andaman beaches are known to be the main reason to visit Andaman where you can calm throughout the day. You can also enjoy soaking up the sun.

Water activities

There is a trove of adventure activities in Andaman, and it won’t entail mastery in swimming, it is fun for a non-swimmer too. Andaman Island presents one of the best water sports in India. You can enjoy a banana boat ride, speed boat ride, Jet Ski Ride, snorkeling, scuba diving, undersea walking, angling and many more.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island, Andaman presents one of best beaches in Asia which are famous for swimming elephants as well as an unbeatable reef. You can enjoy full moon parties, internet cafes and white sand beaches of Ko Pha Ngan in Havelock Island. This Island in Andaman has the well-deserved status of being a traveler paradise.

Cellular jail

Cellular jail is located at Port Blair and is entirely made of individual cells for solitary confinement. The jail is recognized as one of the live examples that hark back of the non-independence era. This jail was used by the British to imprison political prisoners and historically known as kaala paani, i.e., black water.

Untouched Coral reefs

Andaman is an abode to some most spectacular species of marine life worldwide. The pristine coral reefs in Andaman is the must visit for every visitor and is recognized as one of the four major coral reefs of India. For sure you will get the best-multicolored coral reefs in Andaman.

Trip to many Islands

Andaman is the perfect blend of hundreds of little islands and is an excellent place for island hopping. Here you can hire a boat which will take you too many smaller lesser known islands where you can enjoy a small picnic and can also enjoy the games. Island hopping is the best thing to do in Andaman as this place presents pristine white sand beaches with exclusive marine life.

Museum trail

Andaman not only presents the scenic beauty but also has a rich ecological, cultural, and anthropological heritage along with vibrant art and history. There are numerous museums in Andaman which displays the diversity of the islands. Some of the museums are Samudrika Naval Marine Museum, Forest Museum, Zonal Anthropological Museum, Science Centre and many more.

Bird watching

Bird watching is one of the popular leisure activities in Andaman and is the best place to visit for wildlife lovers. The Andaman Island is fully packed with a collection of exotic birds with more than 270 species. You can enjoy watching some rare birds in Andaman such as Lesser Whistling Teal, Andaman drango, Glossy staling, Andaman bulbuls, Common Moorhen and many more. There is also a Chidiya Tapu in Andaman where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset along with bird watching.


The Andaman Islands is known to be the best trekking destination in India as it presents thick forest, rocky stretches, open seascape. all these things attract visitors especially trekkers to come and explore. Trekking in Andaman is the best way to explore the unsurpassed and natural beauty of the islands and its riches.

Barren Island

Andaman is one of the most beautiful places in India to visit and which comprises of a variety of magnificent islands. The best place to visit in Andaman is the Barren island which is famous for the only active volcano of South Asia known as Barren volcano. You can visit this Island through chartered boats after permission. If you want to witness something unique than visiting Barren Island in Andaman and spend few hours here.

Keep in mind that paradise lies not too far from the hustle bustle of many populated cities in India. There are numerous places to visit in Andaman which will for sure confuse you where to start. The pristine natural beauty along with the calming atmosphere makes Andaman the great relaxing point.





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