Venice: The Best Place to Go for Honeymoon in Italy


In Italy, the honeymoon sounds incomplete without considering Venice. The famous waterway city is in the bucket listing many people wishing for a perfect honeymoon in Italy. After all the fantastic Gondola rides cruising you through the country’s iconic landmarks, like Piazza San Marco, come as a vital highlight.

The dreamy aura of Italy

The dreamy aura of this paradise makes it a perfect choice for a Venice honeymoon because of love and romance, music and dance, and views worth a glance. Either it is kissing under one of the many historic bridges, or having the famous gelato together; every activity will surround the newlywed couples with nothing but love and pure happiness on a lavish honeymoon in Italy.

While winters can be the possibly harsh season that can be suffocating, spring and early summers would be the best opportunity to explore Venice at its pleasantest. The best time to go on a honeymoon in Italy is from September to November, which is off-season. The city is at peace with the minimal crowd, which grants a perfect environment for the couples to spend quality time on a honeymoon in Italy.

To explore Venice’s city at ease and your convenience, the ideal duration of four days and three nights should be more than enough for the couples.

Romantic tourist attraction for honeymoon in Italy

On your memorable honeymoon, make sure you do not miss out on these romantic tourist attractions in Venice.

  1. Rialto Bridge
  2. Grand Canal
  3. Lido di Venezia
  4. Venetian Lagoon
  5. Gallerie dell’Accademia


Apart from trying beautiful attractions in Venice, it is home to authentic souvenirs that you can take back home and add to your memories. It offers a variety of things to buy for you and your loved ones. Ensure that you take your partner for shopping there or surprise them back at home with a gift from Venice!



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