Top Things to do In Marrakech


Marrakech is a land where exotic sensations simply set your nomadic spirit captivated. The list of exciting things to do in this extraordinary city floods – ranging from a thrilling quad biking trip up to a lively stroll around the Souk market.

A variety of informative and rewarding tours are a few of what’s in store for all fascinated Marrakech tourists. Marrakech excursions will help you find your way through the bustling extraordinaire of the city, where spirited sights and activities anticipate your arrival. What lies ahead is a stimulating pack of cultural tours, gardens, historical sites, palaces, museums and day excursions to the city’s most remarkable destinations.  Guests are provided with the best restaurant, transport and necessary accommodations as they yield into the traditions of the city.
The authentic, entertaining and professional service provided makes the experience worthwhile, as the finest tour guides are made available for your company. A half day tour makes way into Marrakech’s popular souks where you can get a chance of practicing your bargaining skills. The streets of the souks invite you to explore the very heart of Marrakech and enable you to swarm in the hustle and bustle of the crowd. The Marrakech tours offers enlightening whole day tripsonto the most exquisite mosques, bakeries, handicraft quarters, Medrassa ben Yousef, and Djeema El Fna square. Moreover, ramparts & gardens half day tour opens up to Marrakech’s timeless gardens and ramparts.

With all these in your list, you have to be armed with some full day trips to keep your city tours rewarding. Make sure to always keep hydrated; wear comfortable, not-too-revealing clothes that are suited for the warm temperature; don’t take photos without permission especially when it comes to monkeys, snake charmers, and same goes with the locals. Also, bring extra money and don’t miss to stay at a tranquil riad.

Camel ride in the palm grove of Marrakech

Turn back the time when camel rides were the ultimate means of transport. A camel tour, unlike the busy, pumping city tours in the streets, offers a placid taste of nature.  Appreciate the old caravan roads as you sway to the gentle walks of the camels together with your whole family. Even little ones under 8 years old are not exempted in experiencing one, given that they’ll have to be accompanied with an adult while riding. Camel riding in Marrakech’s palm grove endures half a day but lasts for the rest of your travels. After you’re done exploring the Souks, palaces, and museums, this one should be the next in your list.

Chez ali fantazia dinner

An intense way to spend your night in Marrakech is by immersing inside Chez Ali’s bewitching kind of dinner fused in a unique entertainment. Upon arrival, an escort of horsemen, exhibition on horse and fantasia, throwing up of rose petals and a lot more will sum up the welcoming ceremony. Entertaining groups of folkloric singers and dancers will march past as you indulge in your festive dinner. The show that takes place after dinner is even more interesting, as belly dancing, acrobatics, and horse riding scenes will leave the night enthralled.

Quad biking in the palm grove of Marrakech or Atlas Mountain

See the Berber countryside and engage in one of Marrakech’s top offerings. A half day self-drive Marrakech Quad Biking delivers you into the palm grove, along with the scenic Tensift River – a safe, wholesome activity  that keeps your adrenaline pumping if you want to stay outside Marrakech’s busy streets. After you grind your bones into the palmeraie, you can interact with the locals by sipping a cup of mint tea in the Berber village. Quad biking is also electrifying right in the fascinating surroundings of the Atlas Mountain.

Hot air ballooning

Ever want to engulf in an experience where you’ll completely get struck with pure amazement? Hot air ballooning is one of those ultimate go-to trips that shouldn’t be given a second thought. It’s probably one of the highlights that naturally last in every traveller’s tours.
Up above gives you a lavish view of the High Atlas Mountains resting splendidly in the distance.  There you’ll drift from villages, deserts and to farms, which are scattered outside Marrakech while you as the special guest, gets embraced by the mild flow of the hot air balloon up above  the cherry sky. Floating high in the sky is almost ethereal, with the beautiful sunrise serving as a gentle backdrop. Few other balloons will also be sighted in the sky, which adds more beauty to the magnificence that is already taking place above. Present to accompany you is a witty navigator who will keep you entertained throughout the whole adventure. A real “life list” to kick off while in Morocco – Hot air ballooning will make you wish your Marrakech excursion won’t ever be over.




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