New Town quarter of Prague


The New Town quarter of Prague also known as Nové město is the core of Prague’s tourism. This area of the city is full of activity during the day and mostly at night. With nightclubs and pubs hosting the fun night in Prague, Prague’s Nightlife and clubs are just excellent and fun to experience. This city offers a welcoming retreat for all the party lovers, and you need to be prepared for everything and anything.

History of New Town quarter of Prague

The well designed New Town quarter was established by Charles IV in 1348. It is double the size of the Old Town; its early inhabitants were craftsmen and tradesmen. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, its outer walls were destroyed and reconstructed to its present appearance. Nowadays, it’s no longer attractive to tourists because of its modern architecture.

The New Town is rich in history, as many of the country’s major historical events occurred in this district that is quite large than the Old Town since its creation and sits on a 620-acre piece of land. The New Town is considered to be the Jerusalem of Eastern Europe where prominent Czech businesspeople established their businesses in this part of Prague while most of the Jews and Germans worked in the Old Town.

Attraction Sites

The New Town quarter of Prague offers numerous attraction sites and monuments to tourists. It is the center of attraction of Prague. The major attractions around the New Town quarter are: – Wenceslas Square, National Museum, Charles Square, Town Hall, Etalon, Church of Saint Ignatius, The Faust House, Nonexistent Chapel of Holy Blood or Corpus Christi, National Theatre, Národní třída or National Avenue, Art Nouveau Obecní dům or Municipal House, Powder Tower, The Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, The Emmaus Monastery, Panna Marie Snežna Cathedral, State Opera, The Dancing House and TheŽofín Palace.

Charles Bridge

Another must-see sight in Prague’s New Town is the Charles Bridge. This is the most serene and calm bridge you will ever explore, and furthermore the most toured. Viewing the sunrise from this bridge is breath-taking. Additionally, the lingering alcoholic from passing by individuals makes for quality diversion as you relax to observe the marvelous dawn as the metro begins running. The New town quarter of Prague is an ideal location to wind up, making it a popular vacation destination for people from different walks of life.



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