Vacation offers come from two sources. The first is tour operators who organize their own leisure program – from booking hotel rooms and buying tickets for flights to excursions. The second is travel agencies that simply offer you services from operators. But, you must admit, no matter who you turn to, you are waiting for the most satisfactory result and vivid impressions of the trip. Below we answer the question – how to choose the travel agency.

So, what should be avoided when choosing organizers?

  1. One-day firms
    This often happens at the height of the season. You are attacked by a thousand offers from various organizations. Many of which have just appeared. Of course, not all of them are fraudulent, but there are those who, having collected a decent amount from gullible tourists, simply disappear.
    To prevent this from happening to you, trust, but verify. What? Yes, literally everything: a license (first available from a travel agency, then in the Unified License Register), the date it was issued (especially when an agent convinces you of many years of experience in the market), how it is answered on forums and other resources on the Internet. On the spot, also pay attention to the number of employees and the location of the office: the data is indirect, but the details are always important, especially as a precaution.
  2. Indistinct information
    Feel free to ask the agent everything that comes to your mind regarding your trip: how often you will be fed, the cost of additional services and excursions – and carefully monitor the response. Incompetence of employees of the company or deliberate shelter of information may be an oversight on the part of the company, which can cost you a lot during your vacation.
  3. Ignoring reviews and tips
    This was mentioned in the first paragraph: before using the services of a travel agency, find information about it in special sources (often, travel forums). It happens that bad reviews help you avoid trouble, and good reviews, on the contrary, resolve doubts about the services of a company. Only here you need to be careful: sometimes a number of thanks from satisfied customers turn out to be nothing more than an “ordering” from the same company. Therefore, be sure to check out as many different sources as possible.
  4. Spontaneous decisions
    Politeness of the manager, the intelligibility and completeness of his explanations, the date of departure and living conditions – all coincided with your best expectations. And still do not rush to agree to a voucher for a saz. Take at least a day for thought. During this time, you can compare all the information received at the agency with the information on the network: does your hotel look fabulous and does the service in it really correspond to the praises of the agent; how far is the beach from your hotel and how easy is it to get to the city center etc. And also check the cost of this tour in other companies. If the price is very different from the one offered to you, find out: for what you have to pay extra or vice versa, why you pay so cheaply.
  5. Omission of contract details
    It seemed that all details and warranties were agreed and specified more than once with company representatives. Nevertheless, make sure that they are available on paper before concluding a contract. The number of stars in the hotel, in theory, speaks for itself about the standards of service, but in order not to be in the room in the summer without the promised air conditioning or other amenities, find a mention of them in a written agreement.


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