4 Benefits of Charter Bus Rentals for Group Transportation


When traveling, particularly in a group, a charter bus rental can be an easy way to travel comfortably, affordably, and without stress. A charter bus rental offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Affordability
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Comfort & Convenience


The cost of a charter bus rental is dependent on a variety of factors, including the bus type, distance and duration of trip, and the number of passengers. In general, the more passengers, the lower the cost per person. On average, four-hour charter bus rentals range from $300-500, and per day rentals range from $600-$1000 per day. Assuming anywhere from 30-60 passengers, it’s easy to see that cost per person can be as little as $10-20.


Did you know that a full coach bus gets almost 5x the fuel efficiency per passenger than a car? Talk about efficiency! Modern coach/charter buses are also starting to use sustainable fuel sources (like biodiesel). Whether you’re environmentally conscious or not, there is efficiency in traveling as a group on a charter bus.


Safety is a top priority at Austin Charter Services. All our drivers are certified by the state of Texas and experienced in the transportation industry. We also require that all our drivers receive an annual physical and drug test. We maintain a zero-tolerance drug policy. Additionally, the charter bus industry maintains strict safety guidelines, including:

  • Safety ratings for shuttle buses and minibuses by the U.S. Department of Transportation
  • All charter bus drivers are required to have a commercial drivers license, which can be obtained by passing a series of skills and knowledge tests that are required for driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV).

Comfort & Convenience

One of the most straightforward benefits of charter bus rentals is the comfort and convenience. Modern motor coaches offer spacious seating and onboard entertainment, making for a relaxing ride. Watch a movie, socialize with friends and family, or take a nap – the choice is yours on a charter bus.

Austin Charter Services offers reliable and affordable bus rental and chartering transport services for group transportation in Austin, TX. If you’re looking for group transportation in Austin, we have your solutions! Whether you’re looking for a small party bus for a group outing or wedding, minibus transportation to/from the airport, or a large 55 passenger motorcoach for sightseeing tips or church groups, we have you covered.



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