M Majed Veysel- A Rising Name In Mono Photography


Keshav Agarwal said once;

‘’Love is black and white because no color can beat the darkness of black and the lightness of white.’’

It is true that colors delight our eyes and bring brightness and charm to a photograph. Colored photography is about clothes and physical appearance of an object, but photography in black and white is all about displaying the soul and depth of an individual or object.

M Majed Veysel is not an unfamiliar name in the field of black and white digital photography. He is an architect by profession, and black and white photography is his passion and obsession. M Majed belongs from Aleppo, Syria, who got his early education from an American school in Aleppo than graduated in architecture from Bahcesehir University in Istanbul. He is still an architecture student and currently doing his master’s in Italy. You can visit his Instagram on https://www.instagram.com/mm.w/

With this little different educational background for a photographer, M Majed has a deep love for capturing the beauty of the soul in his camera. He combines his passion and profession to create wonders and capture the magic of architectural wonders in black and white to highlight their glory. According to Majed, the black and white format suits almost every type of photography, whether it is architecture, portrait, urban landscape, or natural scenery.

Majed believes that colors can be terribly distracting in images and take away the focus from the subject. The absence of colors in a photograph allows the subject to speak and narrate their story in their own way. The creativity process with black and white is so artistic, and the subtleties of black and white tone make you feel realize that there are so many shades in between.

M Majed Veysel loves shooting mono, and he experiments much with Black and White digital photography. In future time will decide whether he is a better photographer, a designer, or an architect.


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