Historical facts about Hampshire


Hampshire is the largest county of South East, while in terms of population; it is ranked as the 5th biggest county of England. It is an outstanding visitor destination and a perfect blend of County, Coast, and City. Its three fantastic cities, thriving culture, history, and heritage, two National parks, and stunning Solent coastline, all collectively make it a perfect destination for days out in Hampshire.

It is a special state, but sadly many of its fascinating facts are forgotten or skimmed over. Here are some lesser-known facts about Hampshire that will fascinate you more about this city during your visit:

  • New Hampshire was the very first state who voted in favor of the independence declaration from Great Britain.
  • The first resort town in America was here in Hampshire. Wolfeboro is the city founded in 1770, and within no time, it became one of the well-known summer destinations. The incredible views of Lake Winnipesaukee of Hampshire are so much beloved.
  • ‘’Live free or die; death is not the worst of evils’’ is the motto of Hampshire state since 1945. This was a part of a text from a revolutionary hero General John Stark to former comrades in 1809.
  • The splendor of the white mountains of Hampshire inspired early European visitors a lot that they were compelled to call New Hampshire ‘’the Switzerland of America’’.
  • It is one of the most amazing but lesser-known facts that the first American in space was from New Hampshire. On May 5, 1961, Alan Shepard was the first American reached in area, and later, he became the fifth man on the moon in 1971.
  • Another historical fact about Hampshire is that the armistice ended the Russian-Japanese war was signed in New Hampshire.

Hope all these facts will inspire you to visit New Hampshire with better knowledge about its history.



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