Effects of Liquid Nicotine in Vapes


E-cigarettes or electronic pen vapes are available in different forms like in pipes, cigars, tank-like devices, disposable electronic cigarettes and the rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Normally called e-cigarettes, e-cigs and vapes, electronic cigarettes or vapes are electronic devices charged normally, and the charging is stored in the battery. The electronic cigarettes or vapes work like heating a liquid present inside that is later turned into the aerosol, and that is the final substance that is inhaled by the chain smokers. The liquid present in the e-cigarettes that is burnt is the combination of different flavours, heavy amount of the nicotine called nicotine e liquid, harmful chemicals, glycerine and the glycol. All these substances also accumulate the small pieces of metal embedded within for improvised smoking experience that proves to be quite dangerous. The combination present in the mods or pen vapes is enough to cause lung cancer and other body parts cancer resulting in the death of the smoker and within very less time period of course.

Electronic Cigarettes and Consumption of Liquid Nicotine

People mostly adopt the use of e-cigs for the purpose of being modern or even being, even more, worse addicted to smoking habits, one step forward to their addiction will not be wrong to say. Combustible or tobacco cigarettes also contain nicotine and other harmful substances making the smokers addictive and ill all along. Actually, it would not be wrong to say that people smoke to inhale a heavy amount of nicotine present in the cigarettes. The tank systems contain heavy nicotine amount in form of liquid that is being consumed by the smokers nowadays. This has made the situation even worse.

Effects of Consumption of Liquid Nicotine

Although it is said that the e-cigs are made with nice quality products while this is not the case with tobacco cigarettes. So, the later one is more harmful for the youth, but it is not proved that even in such case the process of adopting the electronic pen vapes for the purpose of smoking is harmless and is a good decision. In such a case, it would not be wrong to say that the use of liquid nicotine in the e-cigarettes or mods are making people addicted of the nicotine and even causing more danger to their health.

There does not appear any evidence in regard to the consumption of the liquid nicotine through the electronic mods or tank systems being helpful in quitting the smoking habit of leaving the combustible cigarettes even the research reports by the FDA does not support this statement neither the doctors nor the health professionals support this statement. This is even a foolish stand, and it will just prove to be more harmful for the health, and the effect appears in quite less time. Generally, it is not evident that the people actually quit smoking, but if they want to, then there are efficient ways derived by the health researchers.



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