Top 5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Melbourne


Valentine’s Day is a very special day for the people you love and who love you back. People plan a lot for this day, and sometimes they don’t go as planned. But that doesn’t matter, what matters the most is being happy with your special one. Planning a date for your special someone is a challenging task; it demands research, efforts and a reasonable budget. But don’t worry, we have you covered with five amazing ideas to save your Valentine’s Date in Melbourne.

Cruise Yarra River on a Boat

A cruise romance may be cliché, but every couple deserves a Titanic moment once in their life. Cruise offers plenty of options to woo your beau, be that a relaxing spa, dinner in an expensive hotel, drinks by the pool or a luxury suite.

Yarra River cruise Melbourne is one of the best romantic things ever to do with your love date. Cruising the Yarra River while having hand-in-hand and enjoying the beauty of Melbourne skyline can be one of the most romantic setups. This might be cheesy, but nothing can beat it.

Don’t forget to dig in the packages and offers before you book the cruise. Most of the companies give discounts and coupons for this special day, make most of those offers.

Become a Tourist

Every town has hidden treasures, and we often ignore them because we live there. Hunting those treasures with your loved ones can be fun. Become a local tourist in town and explore the monuments, parks or nearby mountains.

The most important thing is making memories and visiting new places is the best way to do that. Order mini desserts online before a day or two and pack them in your backpack so that both of you love birds can enjoy it on the way.

A Dinner and Movie Night at Home

Snuggling on a couch with lots of snacks and watching your favourite movies is the perfect kind of date. You can watch rom-coms but if you don’t want to go mainstream watch scare-themed movie. This way you can enjoy each other’s company in your own love nest.

This is an inexpensive yet fantastic idea for Valentine’s Day date night. You could make it a bit fancier by adding some wine and delicious dinner. And to make it more exciting to cook each other’s favourite food.

Bake something together

Another creative way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to skip purchasing gourmet desserts and baking together. Pick any of your favourite desserts and go wild.

Don’t use pre-made dough or mix, do everything by yourselves; this will be super fun. You can add a twist to this by competing with each other; the winner gets whatever they want. Finish your date by eating those desserts and enjoy cute conversations.

Take a walk on the beach

Nothing can go wrong with the beach. A hand-in-hand walk in the beach, where you can talk about everything you have in your heart, watch the sun get lost in the sea and waves roll in and out collecting the seashells, and get your feet wet, now that is incredibly romantic. You can also enjoy a picnic on the beach; this date needs very less budget yet it’s an excellent way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

While everyone has a keen and unique sense of romance and romantic settings, somethings are evergreen. So, as we have shared of these evergreen things, let us know if you have some unique to share with us in the comments below. XoXo!

About the Author:

Christian Taylor is a tour & event management specialist with Dreamscape Tours – a company that organizes elite Yarra River cruises, Winery Tours, Night Club Tours, Train & Christmas Tour packages in Melbourne.



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