Suitcase Wheels: Understanding the Right Pick for Your Travel Experience


Luggage wheels might not look like a big deal to you, until they do become a big deal. In fact, it is one of the things that many shoppers overlook when buying their luggage – and that should not be so.

Before getting that next suitcase or luggage, we have put together a guide to the kinds of baggage wheels you should expect to see – and which one is best for you.

In-line wheels

As the name implies, these wheels are usually developed to be in-line with the design of the luggage. They are also mostly found to have been built into the body of the luggage.

As to the number of them that can appear on any luggage, we have seen from two to three and even more. This is usually a personal thing and would be down to the manufacturer to decide.

A most notable thing about suitcases with in-line wheels is their ability to stand upright when they are not being wheeled, usually supported by a stopper to make this happen.

On the bright side, that is an advantage for you when you are waiting in a long line. Another benefit of using in-line wheels is that the wheel material is highly durable and versatile. Considering the fact that they are built into the frame of the suitcase itself, that helps protect them from a great deal of damage.

Made in such a way that allows them to glide over obstacles and different kinds of surfaces, in-line wheels are not great for tight spaces and corners. Likewise, the wheels being built into the frame means less storage area for you.

Finally, you almost always have to drag your bag behind you when they have this kind of wheels.

Spinner wheels

If you have seen those suitcases with wheels that can turn in just about any direction, then you have seen spinner wheels.

Designed to make 360-degree movements, they are known for their ability to maneuver in tight spaces, ease of handling and abundance of wheels (about four to eight). The most significant advantage of this wheel system is that you get to pull your bag beside you or push it in front of you while walking, helping you walk through tight crowds better.

Due to the design, the wheels don’t take up much storage space on the inside of the luggage. Besides, they are also easier to replace in the case of damage – and you can find numerous options from brands like Sunsen. This is one of the leading wheel suppliers in China which offer a full range of luggage wheels. One of Sunsen’s hot sellers is Universal Luggage Wheel 8043-K1-K1, which is made of engineering plastic PP material. That’s the  reason why it is of light quality, shock resistance, pressure and moisture resistance. Also, PU and PA material make the wheel non-toxic, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant.

That said, though, you want to be more careful with these wheels. Being on the outside means they are more exposed to the elements than their other counterparts. Likewise, the wheels being on the outside could make your luggage larger than travel compartment requirements, so be on the lookout for that.

Final Words

The choice of wheels to get with your luggage will be dependent on personal preferences, no doubt, but make sure you are picking something very practical for your kinds of travel.



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