Choosing The Best Cabin On A Cruise Ship


The modern-day cruise liner is more akin to a floating city when compared to cruise ships of the past. The biggest cruise ship in the world is the Symphony of the Seas operated by Royal Caribbean, which first set sail in 2018 and boasts robot bartenders, 22 restaurants, and 42 bars and lounges. There are also a variety of rooms and suites available, and below you will find information on the different options available, and why they may be the best choice for you.

The Inside Cabin

The inside cabin is usually the cheapest option that is available when it comes to selecting your cabin for your cruise. There are no windows in the cabin, and the rooms are smaller in size, but there can be some benefits to this.

If you opt for a cabin that is on the inside, low in the ship and close to the waterline, you are further away from the amenities, as you will experience less noticeable movement, which is useful if you suffer from motion sickness. Whether you are looking for cruises from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, or anywhere else cruises from Australia, the inside cabin can be the budget option that is comfortable to travel in while you enjoy an action-packed adventure at sea.

The Outside Cabin

The outside cabin will offer guests a window in their cabin, although this may be a small porthole depending on the cruise ship and the size of the room that you book. The cabins on the outside may be slightly larger than the ones on the inside, and there are usually various size options from which you can choose. These cabins will tend to be further away from popular areas such as the sundecks, but this can also often mean that they are quieter.

If you are looking to enjoy a cruise and want a view with your room, then you may have to consider upgrading.

A Balcony Room

You can also choose a cabin with a balcony, which will cost more but will also offer you some spectacular scenery as you enjoy the open seas. The rooms that have balconies are also usually closer to the action areas, which can be convenient in terms of travel, but these areas can also get loud, so that should be something that you consider before booking.

If all you want is somewhere to relax in the sun while you enjoy your cruise, then the balcony room may be the perfect option for you.

A Suite

If you have the budget to spare, then you may wish to consider a suite, which is a larger cabin that will separate sleeping and living areas. You will also find that there are usually many perks and amenities when staying in a suite, such as a concierge service, exclusive lounges, spa facilities, and more. There are many different sizes of suites available, so it is possible to get one that is family-sized if you are taking them with you.

Ultimately, you will have to consider how much time you are going to be spending in your cabin, and if the majority of time is going to be on the entertainment decks, all you need it for is sleeping and showering. However, if you want to have some luxury as you cruise, there are plenty of options open to you.



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