Chefchaouen’s most appreciated virtue – edible white gold.


“Do I just bite into it?”

If you must, then sure!

But, typically, Jben is served with olive oil, thyme and various other herbs. During Marrakech desert tours 2 days, you may ask for Jben at breakfast. The taste is heavenly when served with mint tea and Moroccan Msemmen.

Or, if you’re a true connoisseur, you can add it to an omelette or stuff it in Moroccan spring rolls.

The golden question.

So, you’re convinced! Jben is the most delightful thing on earth. How do you get your hands on it? Simple… and informative!

Female farmers gather their makings and trek to the weekly souk to set up pleasant displays of round Jben packs. Combined with Chefchaouen’s enchanting scenery, a Jben-shopping trip will be more joyous than Marrakech desert tours 3 days. And since most sellers do not speak fluent English, you’re set for an insightful trip as you’re trying to purchase cheese.

Jben can also be found in the surrounding areas; even far ones, like Tangier and Tetouan. Morocco’s northern region take Jben as a point of pride, and you’ll find merchants selling Jben for under a dollar.

Cheese factory – every foodie’s dream.

Zineb Errati runs Ajbane Chefchaouen and oversees 6 employees. It was founded in 1992, and it has been producing high-quality Jben throughout Morocco. The factory produces a wide array of dairy products.

Over 50 Selected goat breeders are in a partnership with Ajban Chefchaouen and over 150,000 litres of milk is transformed each year. Only the exceptional and ones with rare goat breeds are chosen, in order to assure high quality. While there are other cheese factories, only Ajbane Chefchaouen remains as the one with a certified label; given by the Sheep and Goat National Association.

Fes has its iconic gates, Rabat its palaces, Marrakech has Marrakech desert tours, and Chefchaouen has Jben – among many traits. Every bit of Morocco is interesting in its own way. And every step of the way, you encounter little surprises with deep, rich, cheesy culture.



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