13 Extreme Sports To Try (And Where You Can Try Them)


Many people are familiar with sports like boxing, horse racing, and rugby but few are aware of the several activities that are much more exciting.


Participants in this activity, also known as canyoneering or Gorge Walking, cross picturesque canyons using a range of tactics such as climbing and rappelling.

Canyoning https://www.blueocean-adventure.co.uk/canyoning-wales/  is a popular mountain climbing activity in Germany, France, Ecuador, Colombia, and Norway but it can also be done in Wales. As a result, this expedition will teach you how to rappel down waterfalls, struggle across boulders, and walk through challenging terrain.


Zip-lining is the activity of crossing an incline using a pulley linked to a hanging cable, which is often incorporated as part of an eco-tour. A zip line, sometimes known as a zip slide or a flying fox, is a sort of zip line.

The Selvatura Park zip line in Costa Rica is stunningly gorgeous, but daredevils will prefer the world’s longest and fastest zip line, the Zip 2000 in Sun City, South Africa.


Bouldering is a sport in which competitors climb to heights of less than 20 feet without the assistance of ropes or harnesses (safety mats are often used).

Free solo climbing is when you climb higher than this without utilizing any safety equipment. Indoor climbing centres (with low walls to reduce accidents) have become more popular in North America, with locations spanning from the United Kingdom to Germany. Grotto in San Diego and Earth Treks in Golden, Colorado are two indoor possibilities.


As the name indicates, ice climbing requires mounting icy cliffs, glaciers, or other similar formations. The biggest dangers involved with this exercise are falling, ice crumbling on the climber, and not being appropriately equipped for the cold. In 2006, Hari Berger, an experienced ice climber, died after 150 tonnes (136,078kg) of ice crashed on him on a climb at the Austrian Hintersee Flachachau.


The excitement of leaping out of a plane at 12,000 feet, let alone hang-gliding or paragliding, is unparalleled. Tandem skydiving is available to virtually everyone, while sky surfing, wingsuit surfing, and BASE jumping are exclusively for pros.


Tightrope walking is a sport in which competitors walk over a strip of nylon stretched taut between two anchor points barely above the ground, as the name indicates. You can even make your own slackline (shop online at Gibbon Slacklines).


The contemporary snowmobile (sled) was first introduced in 1959 by the same developer who invented the original snowmobile (also known as a sled) in 1937. They’re generally utilised for serious trail riding these days.

Although the Upper Peninsula of Michigan boasts some of the greatest terrain, alpine resorts across the United States and Canada offer winter snowmobiling experiences that will keep you coming back for more.

Fighter Jets Invasion Air fighter jets are built to move at great speeds and do aerobatic manoeuvres like barrel rolls, spins, and tailslides (flying the plane vertically upwards until losing its momentum & falling backwards towards earth). Flying with a professional fighter pilot is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (and even have a go on the controls yourself).

MiGFlug provides flying experiences throughout the US, Russia, Canada, and Europe, allowing you to walk in the shoes of a fighter-jet pilot for a day.

Cave Diving In Freshwater

Dive into a hole in the ground to explore a submerged cave system is exhilarating enough for some, but diving into a hole in the ground to explore a submerged cave system is a completely new experience.

The Yucatán Peninsula boasts the largest concentration of cenotes in the world (sinkholes). It is surrounded by beautiful vegetation and has exquisite crystal-clear blue lakes.

Boarding or Heli-Skiing

Heli-skiing is a challenging sport in which you reach unexplored territory using a whirlybird. You’ll get more powder for your money (or, in this instance, bang).

Heli-skiing is popular in North America and New Zealand, despite being illegal in Europe. The Chugach Mountains in Alaska are home to some of the world’s deepest and softest snow. The views of Denali and the volcanic peaks are breathtaking.

Bungee Jumping is a Sport That Involves Jumping From A Cliff

The current sport of diving over a ledge while tethered to a safety rope was popularised by AJ Hackett, a Kiwi entrepreneur who was inspired by Vanuatu’s ceremonial land divers.

The world’s highest commercial jump point is at Hackett’s Macau Tower, however the original Kawarau Bridge Bungy in Queenstown and Zambia’s Victoria Falls Bungee in Zambia are more picturesque.

Rafting on Whitewater

On an inflatable boat, whitewater rafters traverse rapids ranging from one to five (anything higher is considered unraftable). The first rubber raft for riding river rapids is said to have been manufactured in the 1840s, but the first commercial whitewater operation did not start until a century later. For the first time in 1981, firms did not attempt to bridge the Zambezi River below Victoria Falls.

On a part of the Zambezi River that flows between Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Suarez River (near San Gil, Colombia), and Nepal’s Sun Kosi River, some of the world’s most picturesque grade five rapids may be found.


Zorbing (also called sphering, orbing, or globe-riding) is a New Zealand innovation in which a translucent plastic ball is rolled down a hill. Choose to zorb alone, with companions, or with water – all for the sake of having a good time. Despite the fact that the original zorb firm is situated in Rotorua, costumes are accessible worldwide. At least once in your life, you must engage in this fantastic sport.



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