10 tips to get cheap flights


There is nothing that encourages travelers more than finding a bargain on a flight. They are one of those things that we will remember a lifetime and we will tell it again and again as a battalion whenever we have the opportunity.

Perhaps you will think that finding these bargains is a matter of luck. And we will show you with 10 tips to get cheap flights.

1- Sign up for the best search engines and offer pages

It may seem obvious, but the more information you have and the more up to date you are on the offers that are coming out, the more opportunities you will have to get the cheapest flights.

As an example we leave you better flight, a page on which the best offers of flights that go to the market are published daily and where you can find more than one idea for your next vacation.

2- Create price alerts

One of the best options to always be up to date with regard to offers or promotions is to register in the price alerts of many of the flight search engines that exist as Skyscanner. You just have to do the search you are interested in and add the price alert. From that moment, you will receive by e-mail any price variation that is in the chosen route. Thus, you can go checking what is the best time to buy.

3- Delete cookies or do searches from another device

Who has not searched for a flight and after a few hours to do it again the price had risen? This is probably much more common than we think, but there is a trick with which you can skip this price increase, or at least try.

Bottom of Form

Most airlines, if not all, intuit that you are interested in a flight when you return to the website and perform the same search.

If you delete the cookies and the history of the browser, you will do the search as if you were a new website, thus avoiding price increases.

4- Search flights with stops

Naturally, long flights are less heavy, much better. But it is also true that, as a general rule, direct flights are much more expensive than those with stops. So if you want to save, sign up for the scales.

Sometimes they are short, or sometimes longer, stops that even allow you to consider an extra visit to the city and on top of that the price of the flight is reduced considerably. It is important factor to consider if we want to get cheap flights.

5- Flexible dates

The more flexible you are on your dates, the more chances you have to find an offer. In most cases, when an airline launches an offer or a bargain, it is for certain dates, so if you can adapt to them, you are guaranteed to fly at much cheaper prices.

6- Avoid weekends and holidays

Continuing with the previous point, apart from having flexible dates, avoiding flying on weekends or holidays can reduce the ticket price considerably. You just have to do the test. Look for a round trip ticket from Friday to Sunday and from Tuesday to Friday. You will see the price difference.

7- Search, compare and if you find something better, buy it

Many times we make the mistake of finding a flight with a good price and not being happy. We wait a few more days with the idea of ​​lowering the price further and, logically, this not only does not happen, but that price disappears and in a few days it has more than doubled.

If you find a flight that fits your budget, don’t wait to buy it. Probably if you do, it will disappear and you will run out of that journey you had dreamed.

8- If you find a bargain, do not wait to buy it

In relation to what we mentioned in the previous point, the same thing happens with the bargains. The bargains are just that, bargains. And so they have certain duration and usually do not usually lower more than price. So if it fits you, don’t wait a minute. Take out the card and buy it. When you look again at the price (something that many of us do to compare and with what many times we take surprises, both for good and for bad), the offer will have disappeared and you will be left wanting that week of shopping in New York for 250 euros

9- Sign up to search by prices and not by destination

There are search engines that allow us to search by prices and not by destinations. What do we get with that? If you do not have a predilection for any destination or you have not gotten between one eyebrow and eyebrow, sign up to search for prices and not by destination.

With this option you can see which destinations are cheaper in the period of dates you have marked. Who has said that it may not be destiny that chooses you and not the other way around.

10- Try to make the one-way reservation separately from the return

This is not a rule that is always followed, but by trying we lose nothing. And there are times when, contrary to what we can believe, separate round trips are cheaper than if you take them together as usual.



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