Desert Safari Dubai


When you enter Dubai, wonderful sights, excellent destinations and surroundings will welcome you. Dubai City is a source of the swarm of things to explore. It is considered a place of fun, frolic, and endpoint for outdoor activities. People come especially to visit a beautiful and memorable place hidden in Dubai. This stunning Middle East Arab city has something stimulating for all young and elders. The Safari is generally more than an adventure, here you can engage in a more memorable experience.

This fantastic destination has Sunrise Desert Safari Tours, BBQ Dinner, Music with belly dancers, camel rides and many more. The desert safari is one of Dubai’s best attractions. Desert Safari is available for morning and evening. If you opt for a Dubai sunrise desert safari, you will enjoy interesting sights such as the light orange sky above while the yellow sands are gliding down on a camel, high-speed bike or car through the vast desert.

Early Morning Safari

Early morning safari through the desert is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. The beautiful sunrise scene behind the Dubai desert will captivate your mind and you will forget all your concerns. Most people don’t have time for an evening safari, they will do the morning safari. In the calm morning temperature, tourists enjoy the first ray of sunshine. Here you can go skiing on sand and sand-boarding.

Witness the romantic view of the sunrise from its pitch-black state as it illuminates the vast Arab desert. Before having a thrilling dune drive and falcon show, admire the panoramic view of the horizon.

Evening and night Safari

The evening Desert Safari will give you memories that precede a lifetime. It would be great if you went for such a crazing adventure. For a worthwhile adventure in the Arabian Desert, the night sky is all you need to observe. So carry your camera with you to take some photos of this beautiful site and stemming sun rays. It is a place where you can make beautiful memories at dinner. You can feel the sound of the wind as it slowdown in the calm night. You can have fun watching a belly dancer perform and have fun with friends in different ways. Just make sure to bring your sleeping bags and blankets to get you through the night.

Fun safari

This eccentric destination will amuse you will all those outdoor activities which you are searching for.  You will have the best holiday experience here to explore nature. The Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari is the only tip providing a bird’s eye view of the desert to tourists. Camel riding is easy, very relaxing and allows visitors more time to reflect as desert winds touch their skin. Camels are able to go to areas that motor vehicles are unable to navigate.

Once you take your camel back to camp, you can also explore other activities. BBQ, Wildlife, Quad bike, Dune breakfast, Campfire, classical photography, Entertaining music, Dune bashing and much more.

Choose Safari Desert

Desert Safari in Dubai is a must-do venture which must be enjoyed by desert enthusiasts. Be assured that you will have complete fun and the best holiday experience you’ll enjoy life when you’re with us! Come to us and we’ll make sure you enjoy the best Dubai Sunrise desert safari. Tourists often choose the Sunrise desert safari tour to visit for making it a memorable journey. It is a beautiful and heart capturing place because morning time is best to enjoy the beauty of nature.



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