Best options for cooking class on vacation


Italy happens to be the country of a thousand culinary traditions where each country has its typical recipes that only the inhabitants can pass on and teach. You can choose a vacation on a farm with cooking lessons is a great idea to learn some recipes from the Italian tradition and to learn the culinary techniques to prepare excellent dishes. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, you will be able to cook using farm-to-table products grown directly by the farm and discover the secrets and stories of recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. And here you can be associated with the international kitchen and learn to cook Italian delicacies in a very short amount of time.

Cooking class in Italy

Depending on which region of Italy you would choose for your Italian vacation with cooking class, you can prepare delicious croutons and soups in Tuscany or acquacotta in Italy, stretching fresh pasta with a rolling pin for preparingwonderfullasagna and tortellini in Emilia Romagna,wonderfulagnolotti from Piedmont and orecchiette to excellence in Puglia. You can also find yourself mixing yeast, water and flour for a great pizza in Campania or for frying arancini in Sicily. And at the end of the lesson, you can taste the dishes you have prepared accompanied by a good glass of local wine. Individual or group lessons, in Italian or in English, to become experienced cooks and prepare delicious lunches for your friends on their return from vacation: this will be a great opportunity to spend a fun holiday with the family or a gastronomic and wine holiday, also for a couple.

Check out the website of the international kitchen with cooking classes for your Cooking Vacations in Italy and don’t miss the chance to learn the best traditional Italian recipes!



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